About Me

First of all, who is Animetric?

That would be me. I invented the name. I used to own and run animetric.com, an anime review site. I maintained it for seven years, made some money off it, got bored, and then sold it to an American guy named Aaron. I thought I'd never set foot on the internet again but I was wrong... so here I am now at blogspot. I kept the moniker since I had been using it for several years and all my online accounts practically have the username animetric...

What is Animetric's World?

Animetric's World is my little space on the web. It's a world of food, beauty, health, fun places, events, family stuff, freebies... things that would interest a mom like me, and then some. Quite simply, it's my world.

I'm a freelance writer for several magazines -- Working Mom, Health Today, Moms Today, and Good Housekeeping. I sometimes write for a few online publications. You can view my writing portfolio HERE... but I haven't been updating it lately because it's such a pain to scan. Anyways, blogging isn't a job or business for me. I do it because it's fun and it makes me happy.

There are certain things you won't find in my blog. There will be no posts about alcohol (unless it's about food and wine pairings), scantily-clad women (no, not even for the sake of art), smoking (unless it's to point out how BAD it is for you), and gambling (no, no, no!). As such, I refuse to attend events that promote any of these things... I'd like to keep my blog wholesome, thank you. You're not likely to find out about the latest bars from me.

When I write about food and restaurants, I indicate if it's a food event or by invitation which means everything that was served is free of charge. If there is no indication, it means the meal was paid for with hard-earned money. Anyways, it shouldn't make a difference because if what I had was bad, I would say so even if it was free.

I only promote and endorse products I believe in. I won't say that something is good when it's not. I have my credibility to protect.

I love scouring the net for useful freebies and sharing them with my readers. During these hard times, every little bit helps.

I may be contacted via my email address -- animetric@gmail.com.