BRGR The Burger Project in Makati City

Hubby and I had a late lunch at BRGR The Burger Project along Jupiter St. in Makati City one Saturday afternoon.

BRGR The Burger Project in Makati City
It was fairly deserted when we got there since most Makati offices are closed during weekends.

BRGR The Burger Project in Makati City
We were given order forms to fill out. We could either follow the steps to make our very own custom burger or order one of their existing concoctions. We decided to go for the latter, since you get more toppings on your burger at a lower cost by choosing one of their creations.

Onion Rings at BRGR The Burger Project
First we ordered Onion Rings (P65, pictured above) as our appetizer / side dish. I didn't like it much because I found it too greasy.

Western Bacon Melt at BRGR The Burger Project
Hubby opted for Western Bacon Melt (P224, pictured above). It's got bacon, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and onion rings. We wanted to have Angus beef patties but they were out of stock so we had no choice but to have regular beef patties in our burgers. Angus beef patties cost about P20+ more. I have to admit the size of the Western Bacon Melt was impressive.

French Lick at BRGR The Burger Project
I decided to have the French Lick (P199, pictured above). I was taken by the description because according to it there's gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and special burger sauce. It sure sounded yummy.

French Lick at BRGR The Burger Project
What a letdown. The special sauce tastes like a lame combination of ketchup and mayo, also known as makeshift thousand island dressing. The onions didn't seem the least bit caramelized... just look at how white they are! I didn't taste or see the gruyere cheese, either it's too small or it's non-existent. The worst part is, the beef patty is full of... ligaments(?) or whatever litid is in English and it was on the medium rare side when I specified I wanted it well done. I was actually spitting out tough little bits of unchewable litid throughout my meal. Hubby had the same experience with his burger patty.

I wasn't really too happy with our visit to BRGR The Burger Project and I'm not likely to go back again. If I want a DIY burger or a unique burger creation I would rather pay a bit more and go to BurgerBar at Greenbelt instead.

BRGR The Burger Project
38 Jupiter St. cor. Planet St.,
Bel-Air, Makati City

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