The New KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich!

Last Thursday, I got a special delivery from KFC... it was the new KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich! Talk about welcoming the new year by going out with the old and coming in with the new.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich
I didn't quite know what to expect but the word "shredder" painted images of shredded meat.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich
True enough, it was a sandwich filled with lots of tender shredded chicken drenched in barbecue sauce.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich
For added crunch, there's also tortilla chips and lettuce. I wonder if it would be better with cheese. It's predominantly sweet and when I first had a bite I mistook it for pulled pork sandwich. I thought it was okay, definitely an option if you want something on the lighter side.

KFC BBQ Shredder is best eaten hot. It's now available at all KFC stores for P55 a la carte and P85 as a meal combo with fries and a drink.

Have you tried the KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich?

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