Monday, July 30, 2012

Great deals at the Hong Kong summer sale!

Some months ago, hubby booked us a trip to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific. We got a good price, around P5k per person roundtrip. We like going during the last week of July because that's when you get the biggest discounts from the Hong Kong summer sale. Come August 1, the sale is over and all the new collections for winter are unveiled. Hence we booked our trip from July 27-29, 2012.

Hong Kong Summer Sale
It was the final sale everywhere we went. Well, it has always been that way ever since I was still single. During my younger days, I'd go with my aunts virtually every year. Here are some examples of what kind of deals were there (HK$1 = P5.5):
  • Uniqlo - UT Disney shirts at 2 for HK$99 / HK$59 to HK$79 per piece for all other UT shirts
  • Giordano (adults) - 2 jeans for HK$330 / 2 tops for HK$180 plus HK$200 rebate for every HK$1000 purchase
  • Giordano (kids) - 2 tops for HK$150 / 2 bottoms for HK$300 or 3 bottoms for HK$400 plus HK$200 rebate for every HK$1000 purchase
  • Bossini - 2 jeans for HK$299 / tops start at HK$40
  • Coach - 50% off, additional 20% off if you get two items
  • G2000 - Men's suits for as low as HK$550
Needless to say, I was able to buy a lot of clothes. Having lost 20 lbs. recently I couldn't wear most of my stuff from last year as they had all become too loose. I decided to leave my computer and camera behind because I wanted a break from blogging... thus all the photos here were taken via mobile phone.

Hubby and I tried lots of places during mealtimes. This is a typical breakfast, haha! Thank goodness I start the Nestle Fitnesse 14-day challenge tomorrow. I feel I gained weight in HK even if we were just there for three days.

Licca false eyelashes
Anyhow, I bought lots of clothes and some knick knacks like these Licca-chan false eyelashes. I was frustrated as a little girl because I wanted to play with Japanese dolls like Jenny and Licca but my mom refused to buy me some at Matsuzakaya in HK back then hahaha! I got stuck with Barbie as a result. O_o

Origins Spot Remover
Since Origins pulled out of the Philippines a couple of years ago, I also bought my go-to pimple medication, Origins Spot Remover (HK$130). It's really effective since it dries and shrinks my zits overnight and it doesn't cause dark pimple marks.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Win P2,000 worth of Yabu House of Katsu GCs!

Having tried a multitude of tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets) from a multitude of places and having actually been to the different regions of Japan, I can confidently say that Yabu House of Katsu serves excellent authentic tonkatsu that you simply can't afford to miss.

Premium Tonkatsu Set at Yabu The House of Katsu SM Megamall
Crunchy outside while soft and succulent inside, it's hard not to love Yabu's delicious tonkatsu

Seafood Set No. 2 at Yabu The House of Katsu
If you're not fond of pork, there's an array of seafood katsu to enjoy at Yabu -- salmon, cream dory, oyster, crab, shrimp... you name it, they've got it! :)

Yabu The House of Katsu at SM Megamall
Have you visited Yabu House of Katsu? When someone says tonkatsu, I immediately think of Yabu. :D

Good news... as a treat to Animetric's World readers, Yabu is giving away P2,000 worth of GCs! Just follow the contest mechanics below.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel

There's truly nothing like a relaxing trip to the spa when you want to de-stress to get away from it all. Lucky for us, we were given the chance to experience Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel. This is the third of three posts which I will be sharing with regards to our family's weekend at Taal Vista Hotel.

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel
Asmara Spa offers a complete range of treatments like scrubs, massages, and facials. They also have reasonably priced packages which combine services for a full-blown pampering session. Hubby and I opted for their Soothing Treat (P2,000 per person), 90 minutes of bliss from your choice of massage plus body scrub or foot bliss. I chose the Aromatherapy Massage + Lemongrass Deodorizing Polish for my feet. We were then escorted to their luxurious couples' room.

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel
There were two massage beds, a toilet, and a shower area. I was awed at how spacious and nicely decorated the room was.

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel
There's even a dresser with a sink, towels, and a hair dryer.

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel
For couples who get packages inclusive of a bath (flower, milk, etc.), there's a tub for two in the room too.

Asmara Spa at Taal Vista Hotel
Anyhow, hubby and I both opted for foot bliss and full body massage. I was impressed with my therapist because I could literally feel the cold air going out of my body. I could also feel my blood circulating somehow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tonymoly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde

Remember how I ended up with really dark purplish black hair last month after a L'oreal Professionnel Diarichesse coloring treatment? Well, there wasn't anything wrong with it but I wanted lighter-colored locks so badly that against my better judgement (I knew it would surely dry and fry my hair!), I decided to do another DIY coloring session at home. This time, I used Tonymoly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde.

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde
I bought this in Korea but it's actually available in Tonymoly outlets here in the Philippines for P328 per kit and there are several colors to choose from. In fact, I've seen this exact shade in SM Megamall's Tonymoly branch. I got the lightest shade because I wanted to lighten my dark dark hair.

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde
As you can see from the side of the box, it's not really going to turn me into a blonde... dark hair will just end up with a lighter shade of brown.

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde
The kit contains a tube and a bottle of solution, a plastic cape, plastic gloves, and a sachet of hair treatment.

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Milky Blonde
It's really easy to use. Just empty the contents of the tube into the bottle. Close the cap and shake well so that the solutions are thoroughly mixed together.

Heritage Cuisine at Taal Vista Hotel + giveaway!

During our stay at Taal Vista Hotel, we had the chance to preview their Heritage Cuisine menu that's slated for release this August 15, 2012. Each dish was crafted by Taal Vista Hotel Executive Chef Babes Austria. She made sure that the dishes maximized the use of local produce so ingredients can be sourced from Tagaytay farmers and markets.

Heritage Cuisine at Taal Vista Hotel
We started off with Nilagang Pata ng Baboy sa Native Mais, Gabi, at Sitaw (Boiled Pork Knuckle in Native Corn, Taro, and String Beans). I liked the fresh-tasting and flavorful soup, and I enjoyed munching on the sticky chewy white corn. The freshness of the ingredients use really shines through.

Heritage Cuisine at Taal Vista Hotel
Then there was Sinantulang Organic Roast Chicken (Organic Roast Chicken with Santol). I don't eat santol but the chicken was tender and tasty -- and free range, so it's more healthy.

Heritage Cuisine at Taal Vista Hotel
Adobo sa Tubo ni Tatang (Stewed Pork with Vinegar and Peppercorn) is a dish created in honor of Henry Sy Sr., the patriarch of the SM empire (which includes Taal Vista Hotel). I actually liked this dish best among everything that was served. The sauce had just the right combination of sweet, savory, and sour.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay + overnight stay giveaway!

We were invited to spend the weekend at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay last June 30, 2012. Although our family loves going to Taal Vista Hotel for breakfast on Sundays, we've never tried staying overnight.

Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay
We arrived around 11am Saturday morning. It's about a 2-hour drive from Manila. Luckily, the weather was relatively clear and not too sunny.

Welcome drinks at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay
We were served welcome drinks upon arrival. We waited a bit as our rooms were readied.

Premier Room at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay
Since there were four of us (hubby, myself, and two kids), we were given a Premier Room with a view of the  lake and the volcano outside the balcony. There was a king-sized bed and a couch on the side.

Premier Room at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay
The room is also fully equipped with a flatscreen LCD TV (Skycable), house phone, hair dryer, electric kettle, complimentary bottles of water, coffee, and tea. There's wifi internet access too albeit the speed isn't that great. It's sufficient for checking mails, mobile uploads, and Twitter though. You also get free newspaper in the morning.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tutto Domani at the New World Hotel Arcade in Makati City

Back in 1999, hubby and I were about to get married and we were scouting for furniture. He came across a furniture shop on the ground floor of New World Hotel named Domani. He liked the modern and unique designs that he saw... but alas the pieces were also very expensive so we didn't buy from there.

Tutto Domani at the New World Hotel Arcade in Makati City
June 2012. I got an invitation from one of my blog readers Ari to try out Tutto Domani, a coffee shop located on the ground floor of New World Hotel across Greenbelt. The first thing I asked Ari when I got there was if it's the same Domani that sold furniture more than a decade ago. It is... but it has evolved into a coffee shop that sells furniture and collectibles. The place is pretty small but it's bright, welcoming, and rather cozy.

Power Meal Platter at Tutto Domani
Upon Ari's recommendation, I decided to order a Power Meal Platter (there are several kinds) which consists of your choice of pasta, Tortini Del Manzo (angus beef patty sandwich), side salad, potato chips, dessert of the day, and house iced tea. A set like this costs P350.

Power Meal Platter at Tutto Domani
I love the potato chips on the side. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crumpler Volume Rebate for quick and easy packing!

Whenever my family and I go out of town on weekends, we always end up lugging around stroller luggages to wherever it is we're going. We tend to pack everything in one bag -- usually I share one with my two kids while hubby brings his own duffel bag. One of the disadvantages of what I do is the inevitable mixing of our things that are all together in one bag.

Crumpler Volume Rebate
Fortunately, Crumpler has come up with a solution for that with the Crumpler Volume Rebate. Yes, the three bag set inside that small flat ecobag can house at least 4 pairs of men's socks, 6 men's shirts, and a pair of men's shoes. Take note, men. So if you're packing stuff for women, they could potentially fit more.

Crumpler Volume Rebate
So the bright red Crumpler Volume Rebate bag set can all be contained in the slim ecobag for easy storage.

Crumpler Volume Rebate
They can all be banded together via a built-in strap on one of the bags.

Crumpler Volume Rebate
Take note of the cute little details! :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I learned how to cut hair at the Bench Fix Training Center!

I was given the chance to learn basic hair cutting at the Bench Fix Training Center last June 28, 2012. It was a very rainy day but I wasn't about to miss such a great opportunity. That said, I drove through the wet streets from Quezon City to the Bench Fix Training Center at Market! Market!. I'm always excited to learn something new, more so if it's beauty-related!

Combs and scissors at the Bench Fix Training Center
Combs and scissors were waiting for us at the Bench Fix Training Center. We were cutting the hair of real people, not just practice mannequins.

Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix
Even more of a plus was the fact that we were going to be taught by none other than the Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix, Bench Fix's high-end salon. One of Alex's responsibilities is training the stylists of the Bench Fix salon chain.

I first met Alex in Propaganda a few years back. I had my hair cut and colored for a TVC shoot my family and I did in Singapore for the Singapore Tourism Board. The TVC aired on the Discovery Channel for about 2-3 months back in 2008... and no, that is not my voice hahaha! They had a Singaporean woman do the voiceover. The amazing thing was, he still remembered when we met again for the hair cutting workshop!

Jobelle, my model
So anyway, my model was college student Jobelle.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CalChewsMe -- The CalChews Choice!

When I received a call from CalChews asking if I wanted to be one of five bloggers to participate in a blogging challenge for a chance to go to Italy, I said yes right away.

Tuscany, Italy
Yes, one of us five will be packing her bags a little more than a month from now for a Tuscan adventure care of CalChews and The Lifestyle Network.

I'll be frank. This post is supposed to be all about why CalChews should choose me. Unfortunately, save for the fact that I'm the oldest one on the roster (hence the closest to turning 40), I really don't know why CalChews should choose me over Earth, Michelle, Martine, and Jane. I think all of us deserve this one way or another and it's difficult for me to justify why I should be the one to go. We all have our priorities and we give everything 100% of what we've got so yes, I really believe each one of us equally deserve a European vacation. I'm not better than everyone else. I'm not in the middle of the next great humanitarian project, nor am I the tragic heroine of a real life soap opera (not that I have it easy)... I'm simply just me. I live my life doing what I believe is right.

If there is one thing I've learned all these years, it's that you never have to be stuck anywhere. There is always a way out or around any dilemma, problem, or sticky situation that you encounter. Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective and working with what you have. Life is too short to dwell on things that do not turn out the way you want. :)

CalChews and Animetric
As for CalChews... well, I've grown accustomed to taking it every morning. The problem is stopping at just one piece, haha! It's so hard to resist CalChews' chewy goodness. Multi-tasking women like us need all the bone strength and enhanced immunity we can get whether it's for taking a trip to a faraway country, engaging in our day-to-day tasks, or trying to achieve whatever goals we've set for ourselves.

I wish my fellow CalChews bloggers all the best in the days to come! :D

Find out more about CalChews from You can also find CalChews on Facebook and Twitter.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

CLEAR Dream Match with Phil and James Younghusband!

Ever wanted to see the Azkal's Phil and James Younghusband go head on against each other in an all-out Football match? CLEAR is making it happen this August 25, 2012 at the University of Makati.

CLEAR Dream Match with Phil and James Younghusband
What's more, you have a say in WHO plays in the two teams, each led by Phil and James Younghusband. Just go to CLEAR's Facebook Page and vote for the guys you want to see on the field. CLEAR has recruited a pool of 50 potential players for the Dream Match which include the likes of Anton Del Rosario, Jake Cuenca, Andrew Wolff, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide, and Paolo Bediones.

CLEAR Dream Match with Phil and James Younghusband
The Rockwell Tent was transformed into an indoor soccer field for the launch event last June.

CLEAR Dream Match with Del Rosario brothers
The Del Rosario brothers showed us a few football moves.

CLEAR Dream Match
Daniel Matsunaga has my vote for sure, haha!

CLEAR Dream Match with Phil and James Younghusband
James and Phil Younghusband will be the captains of opposing teams for the CLEAR Dream Match.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolcelatte -- more than just coffee along Quezon Avenue!

I always see Dolcelatte along the right side of Quezon Avenue whenever hubby and I would go to Commonwealth. I knew it was a coffee shop, but to my surprise, it's actually so much more!

Dolcelatte along Quezon Avenue
Back in May, when our cook went home to the province for a vacation, I decided to have dinner at Dolcelatte with my family. It looks like a small place from the outside, but inside it's actually big. It even has a second floor with function rooms so you can hold parties and events but I'll talk about them later.

Hungarian Aglio Olio at Dolcelatte
For dinner, hubby decided to order Hungarian Aglio Olio (P285, pictured above). Sliced Hungarian sausage sauteed in garlic tops a pesto-based spaghetti. It was very tasty and we were impressed by the generous amount of sausage slices that graced the dish. Yum!

Old Fashioned Cheeseburger at Dolcelatte
Our son settled for Old Fashioned Cheeseburger (P250, pictured above). A thick and juicy all-beef patty is covered with melted American cheese on a ciabatta bun filled with sweet onion slices, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It comes with fries and coleslaw on the side. Judging from the way our son wolfed it all down, I would say it was very good.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

J.Co Donuts & Coffee now open in Greenbelt!

Good news, Makati-based folks! J.Co Donuts & Coffee is now open in Greenbelt 3! Now you don't have to travel far just to get your J.Co fix!

J.Co Donuts & Coffee at Greenbelt 3
J.Co brand ambassador Karylle was there to grace the launch.

I wasn't able to attend because I had sore eyes and I didn't want to cause an epidemic. I've been sick the past couple of weeks so I've been cancelling and declining most events. Anyhow I miss eating J. Co donuts and I hope I get to visit a branch soon.

J.Co Donuts & Coffee at Greenbelt 3
I wonder if there are any new flavors?

J.Co Donuts & Coffee at Greenbelt 3
Their frozen yogurt is pretty good too!

There you have it folks, J.Co is now officially in Makati City!

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Level 3, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lancome in Shangri-la Plaza Mall and the P20k miracle cream!

Last June 16, I witnessed the unveiling of the new and improved Lancome counter in Rustan's Department Store at Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It was very bright and fully stocked with all the latest products.

Lancome counter in Rustan's at Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Lancome counter in Rustan's at Shangri-la Plaza Mall
I was there for the actual ribbon-cutting. :)

Lancome counter in Rustan's at Shangri-la Plaza Mall
We were handed these guides so that we could give ourselves an in-depth self-guided tour.

Lancome counter in Rustan's at Shangri-la Plaza Mall
The guide's first page had the Lancome Absolue L'Extrait, Lancome's most premium anti-aging cream to ever be released.

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