Failure to launch... and I'm not talking about the NoKor rocket!

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been pretty negligent in posting this week. I'm still on holiday in Seoul, South Korea and I don't get back until Monday. I've been sooo tired since it's pretty much the same drill daily -- we wake up at around 7-8am, walk the whole day, and then get back to the hotel late at night. I was supposed to work on an urgent online project but I just read an email that was so ridiculous I couldn't believe someone actually had the gall to send it out.

I will not name the advertising agency nor the brand in question. I'll keep it Fashion Pulis-ish by providing one mosaic-ed photo from the lot they sent me. The email goes exactly like this:

Time to bring out the fun this summer! Sparkle in vibrant hues with __________! It is definitely more fun wearing your refreshing __________ outfit! Attached here is the press release and photos of __________! In line with this, please make a post on your site featuring __________! We are looking forward to our collaboration and thank you for your continuous support of __________.


No salutations, no name, nothing -- and it was signed by the account director of the advertising agency whom I've never met in my entire life. Attached were a whole bunch of photos and a document file of their press release.

All I can say is... I feel sorry for this brand.

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