Ramen X in Trinoma + win P500 GCs!

We were invited to try out the newly opened authentic Japanese noodle place in Trinoma called Ramen X last Feb. 22, 2012.

Ramen X TrinomaI was immediately wowed by the exterior. It looked like something out of an X-Men movie.

Ramen X Trinoma

Inside it's brightly lit and very modern in terms of design.

Ramen X TrinomaAnyhow, we had appetizers first, starting with Karaage (P49, pictured above). Pieces of crispy fried ginger-spiced chicken are served with a bit of sauce on the side. Pretty good, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really like chicken.

Ramen X TrinomaThen there was Fried Gyoza (P49 for 4 pieces, pictured above). Crispy outside, filled with ground pork and leeks inside, it's quite nice to nibble on while waiting for the main course.

Ramen X TrinomaHubby opted for Ramen X's bestseller, Oishi Ramen (P129, pictured above). The broth is a blend of soy and miso so it's savory and spicy at the same time. The serving is quite generous and your hunger will surely be satisfied with one bowl.

Ramen X TrinomaMy choice, Chikuwa 7 Ramen (P129, pictured above), is the other bestseller. It's more spicy compared to Oishi Ramen. Chikuwa is a Japanese tube-shaped food item made of fish, starch, sugar, egg white, etc. It's kind of like fish cake / fish ball. I enjoyed chewing on the Chikuwa and the perfectly al dente noodles but the soup was too spicy for me.

Ramen X TrinomaYou can have a side order of Corn (P20, pictured above) to add to your bowl of ramen.

Ramen X TrinomaThere's also Kimchi (P30, pictured above), which I really like to have as an accompaniment to my meals.

Ramen X TrinomaNot a noodle person? You can have Gyudon (P89, pictured above), strips of tasty marinated beef on top of steamed rice. Ramen X's Gyudon is sweet and savory at the same time, we agreed it was yummy. You get unlimited rice too!

Ramen X TrinomaWe also shared a bowl of Shio Ramen (P99, pictured above) which was a nice break from the spicy soup bases we ordered. The broth is simply salt-based. I could clearly taste the garlic with every sip too. The noodles are topped with hard-boiled egg, veggies, and strips of tender pork. It was very comforting, the kind of ramen I want to have to warm me up on a rainy day. Next time I come back I will probably go for this instead of the bestsellers.

Ramen X is a nice alternative to fast food places if you want something quick, inexpensive, and well... unprocessed. Serving portions are pretty generous for the ramen too. :)

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Ramen X
2nd Level Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City

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