Start the year with YUMMY Magazine!

I just got the January-February 2012 issue of Yummy Magazine a few days ago and well... I'm so happy with it! So many easy recipes to follow so we can revitalize our house menu! I'm useless in the kitchen so I usually pass on the magazine to our cook so she can whip up awesome dishes and I can just buy ingredients from any local supermarket! :D

Yummy Magazine Jan-Feb 2012Yummy Magazine has some great new offerings starting this year:

  • Guest Chef - Each month YUMMY will feature a noteworthy personality and let readers get to know his/her cooking style.
  • Yummy Likes! - YUMMY editors share their picks, such as favorite food, drink, and restaurants.
  • Everyday Recipes - This section has been given an upgrade and now has baon ideas using five ingredients only for more ease, speed, and convenience!

The March 2012 issue will mark YUMMY's fifth year in circulation, thus a new look will be unveiled.

Can't get enough of YUMMY? Drop by! It's updated everyday. :)

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