Yakitori Kitchen at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City

*This establishment is now CLOSED.*

We were invited to dine at the newly opened Yakitori Kitchen at Burgos Circle last Dec. 19, 2011. Given my penchant for all things Japanese, of course I was excited. Yakitori Kitchen is Ramen Bar's sister restaurant albeit they don't serve the same dishes.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleYakitori Kitchen is located along the same side as Sweet Bella Cafe which I had blogged about earlier this year. As the name suggests (yakitori actually means grilled chicken, but can refer to most skewered food), this restaurant is all about grilled and skewered food.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleYakitori Kitchen is a small and cozy place that's good for casual dining, quick meals, or simply unwinding with some nice icy cold Japanese beer.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleWe started off the evening with some Momo (P100, pictured above) or skewered chicken leg meat. You get two sticks per order at Yakitori Kitchen so the above is the equivalent of four orders. I'm not fond of chicken at all but the Momo was very tender, lean, and tasty. I love the special yakitori sauce they baste the meat with -- sweet and savory but not as sweet as teriyaki. You can actually ask for extra sauce on the side to accompany your order.

Uzura at Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleThen we had Uzura (P95, pictured above) which is quail egg. Three quail eggs are skewered per stick.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleThen came something a bit more unique -- Jagabei (P140, pictured above) which is grilled potato wedges wrapped in bacon. I think this would be a hit with kids. :)

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleThen there was Corn (P85, pictured above). The corn was amazing. Incredibly sweet Japanese corn is seasoned with Yakitori Kitchen's specially imported Himalayan pink salt and a bit of pepper for an unbelievable eating experience.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleNext up was Kamaboko (P95, pictured above) which is barbecued crab cake balls. I love how the sauce was caramelized during grilling, rendering an even more smoky sweet savory taste to the Kamaboko.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleThe owner showed us how the yakitori are packed and frozen. They're imported, which explains the above average price point.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleThis is the fabled Himalayan pink salt and seven spice powder. The salt is indeed special as it yields a very clean and pure taste.

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleWe also had a few bowls of Curry Chahan (P180, pictured above) for sharing. It's Japanese fried rice that's made with curry and topped with crunchy garlic chips. Yummy and unique!

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleAsubei (P140, pictured above), or asparagus strips wrapped in bacon, was served after. I think the serving portion per stick is quite generous. :D

Yakitori Kitchen Burgos CircleMomo Niniku (P120, pictured above) is chicken leg meat with garlic. Lovely, especially since I'm pretty addicted to garlic. The chicken is very juicy and flavorful too. We were actually served a lot more types of chicken skewers using neck meat, tail, keel bone... but I don't eat those so I didn't bother taking photos anymore.

If you're hankering for some authentic Japanese skewers, do drop by Yakitori Kitchen at Burgos Circle.

Yakitori Kitchen
Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle,
Fort Bonifacio Global City

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