What do you love about your body... really?

What do you love about your body? If you're like me, you'd be hard-pressed to say anything. Many years ago I was 105 lbs... but even then I thought I was fat. If you had asked me at that time what I loved about my body I'd probably say my slim arms and legs. I'm more like 150 lbs. at present and yeah, I'm overweight. I've been going to the gym 5x a week for a month now and I'm seeing some improvement but not nearly enough for me to say that I love anything about my body.

During one intimate dinner with a few fellow bloggers and friends from Dove, we were shown the short video above.

When asked the question of what the women loved about their bodies, they had a hard time answering. But when they were asked what they loved about their friend's body, they were quick to respond. It's the same for me.

Animetric and Mrs. MartinezWhen asked about me, I'm like d-uh... so I did the next best thing and decided to do the activity with my eternal partner-in-crime Mrs. Martinez. But before that let me first share what I like most about her.

Mrs. Martinez in shortsMrs. Martinez has the most beautiful legs! She can carry the super short shorts look that I can only dream about. It's amazing how she can eat and eat and drink (with me most of the time hahahaha) and still maintain her sexy look!

Meanwhile, according to Mrs. Martinez what she loves about my body are my eyes (mostly because of my eyelashes hahaha) and my dimple (which I often forget I have).

Lashes with L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene MascaraWhenever I put on mascara she always tells me that I actually look like I have falsies on because of the sheer length and volume of my lashes. I guess I can save a bundle because I can forego eyelash extensions, hehe.


Did someone say dimple? :p

I guess it's easier to see the beauty in others than it is in oneself. We see ourselves in the mirror every single day (well at least if you're vain like I am) so it's easy to take what we've been physically blessed with for granted. We also tend to focus on the negative, the things we don't like about ourselves. Like in my case for instance, when I'm in the process of applying eye make-up I spend the most time concealing my dark undereye circles because I feel that I look like a zombie.

Whenever I rave about a skin care product, be it facial wash, moisturizer, etc. my hubby always tells me "It's because you already have nice skin to start with!" whereas he needs to see a dermatologist for skin problems.

If there's one thing I learned during the course of this activity it's about how there's no one person who doesn't have a single beautiful physical attribute. All one has to do is look, see, and well... admit it! Or else ask a friend. :)

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