Gift Suggestion: Bakersville hand-made bagels and breads!

I got a lovely Christmas gift from Bakersville Boulangerie & Patisserie a couple of weeks ago. Bakersville is the brainchild of photographer turned chef Marco Abesamis.

Bakersville Boulangerie & PatisserieI got three kinds of New York style bagels (Plain, Savory Onion, and Roasted Garlic) and a loaf of hand-made oatmeal bread.

Bakersville Boulangerie & PatisserieThese NY style bagels are special because they're crusty outside while being soft and chewy inside. All that without using eggs, butter, oil, or milk in the batter! Honey is used to add a hint of sweetness to the bagels instead of sugar. Very healthy don't you think? It takes 2 days to make these hand-made and healthy bagels due to a long fermentation, resting, and shaping process. My husband and I loved having the bagels for breakfast. They're very filling and they're not greasy nor are they sweet. Perfect with a bit of butter, cream cheese, and/or jam. I actually don't mind having one with a cup of hot coffee without any filling. These bagels cost P120 per pack of 3. Really perfect if you're trying to watch your fat consumption! <3

Hand-made oatmeal bread from Bakersville Boulangerie & Patisserie

This is Bakersville's hand-made oatmeal bread.

Hand-made oatmeal bread from from Bakersville Boulangerie & PatisserieI haven't tried it yet since it's still in my freezer but I'm pretty certain I'll like it just as much as the bagels.

These lovely breads will make a great and practical gift for health-conscious folk, or those who aren't fond of sweets. Hubby and I enjoyed them so much we had bagels for breakfast everyday until we ran out. :D

Bakersville Boulangerie & Patisserie will have a regular booth at Mercato Centrale all weekends of December 2011. Log on to their FB page at for more information.

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