BSkin BB Cream Review

I was introduced to BSkin BB Cream by Neurochiq a couple of weeks ago over dinner with the folks over at HDI Network.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewAvailable in 15ml and 30ml sizes (the 30ml size is shown in the photos above), BSkin BB Cream is unique because it changes color to match your skin tone.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewI was surprised because BSkin BB Cream starts out white after you dispense it from the tube. BB Creams are usually beige or skin-toned.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewIt starts to change color when you spread it onto your skin. The more you blend, the more it matches your natural coloring. Darker skinned girls tried it the same time I did and wow, I was just surprised at how the product disappeared onto their skin.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewAfter massaging it onto the skin surface a bit it turns into a light flesh tone.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewSpreading it all over my hand until it covers the entirety makes it match my skin color more.

BSkin BB Cream Review

Voila! It's like I didn't put on anything at all.

BSkin BB Cream ReviewSo this is me before (top left) and after (top right) I put BSkin BB Cream on my face. My facial skin (especially my cheeks) is naturally pinkish so my face matches my neck more after I apply BSkin BB Cream.

BSkin BB Cream from HDI NetworkThis is a closer look at BSkin BB Cream on my face. It yields a dewy finish. It would be great if my skin weren't so oily but it is so I need to top it off with some loose powder for best results.

BSkin BB Cream is formulated with Green Tea Extract, Royal Jelly, Arbutin, Jojoba, Allantoin, and Vitamin E. It has the following effects:

  • Heals / conceals blemishes and regenerates skin
  • Provides sun protection with SPF 37 PA+++
  • Whitens and keeps skin firm
  • Reduces wrinkles with its anti-aging properties
It's medium coverage so it can cover dark areas of your face (spots, undereye circles, etc) to some degree. A lot of Filipinas have a hard time finding the right BB cream because most are too light for their skin tone, having been formulated with oriental women in mind.

A 30ml tube of BSkin BB Cream costs a reasonable P780. A little goes a long way so I'm pretty sure this will last a long time. Unfortunately it's not available in stores. For orders or inquiries, you may call HDI Network at 635-2431 (office hours and weekdays only).

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