Artistry Balancing Foundation Review + FOTD

When I took up a professional make-up artistry course at HD Studio, I got several different types of foundation in light to dark shades so I could mix and match depending on my model's skin type and tone.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewOne of the brands I'd tote along to school was Artistry. I had Artistry Balancing Foundation and Artistry Hydrating Foundation. I had two shades each. For the purposes of this product review, I will talk about Artistry Balancing Foundation only. My skin is on the oily side so using a hydrating foundation is a bad idea for me.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewThe problem was, all my Artistry shades were too light for all the models week after week. I swear, it's soooo difficult to buy foundation if you're dark-skinned here in the Philippines which is really ironic because the natural Filipina skin color is on the tan side. I bought the darkest and lightest shades of at least 3 different brands and the darkest was always too light for my models in make-up school! These models were average Filipina females aged 14 to 50+. Anyhow I got the shades Vanilla and Brulee for Artistry Balancing Foundation.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewGiven that I was unable to use the Artistry foundations in make-up school, I ended up using them on myself instead since the shades were just right for me. Artistry Balancing Foundation is in liquid form and is dispensed via a pump on top of the glass bottle. It's for normal to oily combination skin and it's formulated to give you a uniform matte finish. It's supposed to keep the shine away too.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewBecause I don't want to risk looking like a floating head for the wedding I was attending, I dared not the Vanilla shade alone. I mixed a little bit of Brulee with a lot of Vanilla. I think next time though I'll try using just Vanilla as I think I can get away with it.

Artistry Balancing Foundation Review

So here's my custom shade. Maybe I should call it Vanilla Brulee? :p

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewJust to demonstrate how good Artistry Balancing Foundation's coverage is I'll demonstrate it on my arm where I have a lot of freckles.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewI apply Artistry Balancing Foundation with a Foundation Brush and tadaaa! No more freckles!

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewI'm really amazed by the coverage and the flawless finish Artistry Balancing Foundation provides. Obvious veins on my cheeks and small blemishes disappear when I brush this foundation all over my face. I'm impressed! It doesn't feel heavy or cakey too.

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewFor this barefaced no make-up look I used the following products:

Artistry Balancing Foundation ReviewI took this photo in our bathroom when we got home from the party, more than 6 hours after I applied Artistry Balancing Foundation. I did not blot my face for the entire duration. Considering that my face doesn't look greasy I think it did the job of controlling the oil effectively.

So yeah, Artistry Balancing Foundation gets two thumbs up from me... if you have combination oily skin like I do, it's perfect! It has SPF 20 PA+++ too so you don't need a separate facial sunscreen when you use it in the daytime.

Artistry Balancing Foundation costs P1,400. You can purchase it from the following Amway Distributor Centers:

Amway (Head Office)
G/F Feliza Building
108 V. A. Rufino Street (formerly Herrera)
Legaspi Village, Makati City

Level 1, EDSA Central
Pavilion Annex, Mandaluyong City

Are you in the province? Check this link for a complete list of Amway Distributor Centers.

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