Metro Manila Traffic Navigator by MMDA and TV5

I attended the official launch event of the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator by TV5 and MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) last August 1, 2011. I consider this very relevant to my daily life since I drive almost every single day.

First of all, what is the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator? Just as the name suggests, it's an online tool that enables motorists to see the traffic situation from north to south within Metro Manila (for now). At the moment it covers main thoroughfares from Balintawak to Alabang, however more areas are going to be added.

MMDA Traffic AppYou can check the traffic situation by logging on to You can choose from three different views. System View (pictured above), Line View, and Google Map. Personally my favorite is the system view since it lets you gauge all the areas with one look. Areas that are heavily congested are marked in red, moderate traffic is signified by yellow, and green means that the road is free and clear. The information refreshes every 15 minutes and is based on data from MMDA's traffic cams so you can be assured of timeliness and accuracy. So far it covers six major areas: EDSA, Quezon Ave., Espana, C5, Roxas Blvd., and SLEX (South Luzon Expressway).

MMDA Traffic AppThis is the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator's line view. It summarizes the traffic situation on a per section basis. I much prefer the system view because it's easier to get an overall picture.

MMDA Traffic AppThis is the Google Map view. For me it's the worst view of all because it's very hard to see what's happening.

Hubby and I have been using the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator for the past week and so far it has proved to be very useful in helping us plan our routes. He even compared the navigator's status reports with those of the traffic cams in the morning news and both reflected the same information. We've actually bookmarked it on all our gadgets. :D

Whether you're a driver or commuter, you'll surely appreciate the information provided by this website. Traffic Navigator will run on most browsers and operating systems. Since it is internet-based, you will need a connection to make it work. Don't forget to bookmark!

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