Teen Wolf on AXN Beyond starting July 17!

If there's one channel I watch during the rare times I that I actually tune in to the TV (I watch a lot of TV series these days but they're all downloaded since I don't like waiting every week... :p) it's AXN. Thus when I was invited to AXN Beyond's Teen Wolf launch party held last July 7, I said yes.

Teen Wolf TV Series AXN BeyondI faintly remember Teen Wolf as a comedy movie starring Michael J. Fox back in the 1980's. I don't think I've watched it though. I initially thought that the Teen Wolf series is something along those lines but it's not quite... although it's supposed to have been inspired by the movie.

Teen Wolf TV Series AXN BeyondTeen Wolf is about a 16-year old teenage boy named Scott who gets bitten by a mysterious creature one night. Scott's wound miraculously heals the next day and well, he finds that he has suddenly gained superhuman abilities. Scott now has a highly enhanced sense of sight and smell, plus he moves with the agility and speed that puts even the school's top athletes to shame. Of course, he also turns into a werewolf now. He eventually hooks up with the new girl who just happens to come from a family of werewolf hunters. Sound exciting? It actually is because we were treated to an advanced screening of the first episode and it was a lot of fun.

Teen Wolf's pilot episode airs tomorrow July 17, 2011 9pm on AXN Beyond, AXN, and Animax. Subsequent episodes will air every Monday 9pm on AXN Beyond. For more info, log on to http://www.axnbeyond.com/shows/teen-wolf.

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