Obagi Signature Treatment at House of Obagi

I had the Obagi Signature Treatment done last June 23, 2011 at House of Obagi in SM North Edsa. I was supposed to undergo the Obagi Blue Peel but the dermatologist cancelled due to an emergency at the very last minute so I ended up with the Obagi Signature Treatment instead.

Obagi Signature Treatment ReviewI was ushered into the treatment room. The air-conditioning was very cold since it was a rainy day. I was actually thankful for the blanket they covered me with.

Obagi Signature Treatment at House of ObagiThe Obagi Signature Treatment is a complete facial using Obagi NuDerm products. It has anti-aging and skin lightening effects as well. The aesthetician started by cleansing and massaging my face. She also got this vacuum wand thing and started vacuuming my face in order to make the whiteheads and blackheads easier to extract.

Obagi Signature Treatment at House of ObagiShe then used hot steam to open up the pores. I couldn't take a proper photo since my eyes were covered hahaha! I went to House of Obagi all by myself and so I took all my own photos too. :p

Obagi Signature Treatment at House of ObagiBlackheads and whiteheads were extracted from various parts of my face. I don't remember why they covered it.

Obagi Signature Treatment at House of ObagiI think she put some sort of mask to soothe the skin and close the pores after extraction. She also applied Obagi Vitamin C serum and sunblock on my face before she let me go.

Obagi Signature Treatment at House of ObagiThe treatment duration is about 45 minutes to an hour. I really love Obagi products. My skin felt so very nice right after. I was able to use the Obagi Condition and Enhance Skin Care System before and I found it to be very effective. I think Obagi Nu Derm is even more so. I felt a dramatic difference in terms of skin texture just after a single use. Some of my pores which were subject to extraction were reddish afterwards but in general my skin felt very firm and smooth. I actually went through the Obagi Blue Peel the very next day but I'll tell you all about it in an upcoming post. :)

The Obagi Signature Treatment costs P3,500 per session.

House of Obagi
G/F Main Building,
SM North Edsa

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