L'oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Color Review

I color my hair on a regular basis... something like every 3 or so months. I like trying different brands every time I do so.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium BrownThis time, I got L'oreal's latest hair coloring product which is L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse. I got it for a little over US$8 (around P400) from Target during my recent Los Angeles trip. I chose shade 53 Golden Medium Brown. Now I'm wishing I was more daring by going a few shades lighter.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium Brown You see I have random strands of white hair peppering my head. It's one of the main reasons I always color.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium BrownThe last coloring product I used was Kolours Luster and a salon did it for me. L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse ReviewThe L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse kit contains coloring solutions 1 and 2 (in a pump dispenser), disposable plastic gloves, and a tube of conditioner marked 3.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium BrownFirst things first. Wear the plastic gloves so the coloring solutions don't stain your hands and fingernails.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse ReviewL'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse ReviewThen you mix solutions 1 and 2. You don't shake it afterwards. You close the pump dispenser securely and gently twirl the product around. I'll just post the video below:

The video makes the process look very easy but it's really NOT THAT easy. For starters if your hair is long it's going to fall on your shoulders and not stay up on your head the way the model's does. If it falls on your shirt you're going to get dark-colored stains and I'm not sure if they'll come off. Anyhow I pumped the mousse on my gloved hands and applied it all over my head. If your hair is very long and thick one kit may not be enough for you. You leave it on for 30 mins then lather up then rinse. You don't shampoo, you just use conditioner after the water runs clear.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse reviewAnyhow the resulting color wasn't as vibrant as I expected. I should've gotten a lighter shade!

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse reviewIt's also not very efficient in terms of gray coverage. My white strands were still white near the roots and I really concentrated on that area!

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium Brown My hair looks brighter under the sun. I'm wearing temporary curls here for a magazine shoot. At least my hair didn't stiffen or anything after coloring, so this product won't alter your hair's texture.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium BrownI'm always having my hair chemically straightened. That day, the stylist used an iron to curl instead of straighten. It's a change from my usual look.

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium Brown

It even looks styled when tied in a simple ponytail!

L'oreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Golden Medium BrownWhich leads me to the question... I'm almost due to have my hair rebonded again because of the unsightly regrowth. Should I go for a digital perm instead? Some of my friends and relatives who used to have their wavy hair rebonded have opted for the latter for a change. What do you think? I'm scared of perming because it might cause my hair to become a big ball of uncontrollable fluff... hmm.

I wonder if L'oreal Philippines will bring this product over to our shores...

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