Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation System

I got a Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation System out of sheer morbid curiosity. Well, it helps that it was being offered at 50% off at a deal site. I normally use Sally Hansen wax strips to get rid of unwanted hair on my legs but you know me, always willing to try something new... hehe.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemIt was very interesting and I was very convinced by the blurb on the deal site. I'm a home TV shopping network's dream come true, when I was in the US I would always watch those televised shopping ads and end up buying all sorts of stuff to much to my hubby's chagrin. XD

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemAnyways I got the kit. It had a stick-on price tag which said PHP1,795 as seen on TV. I was like, wow.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemOpening the kit revealed a big loofah mitt with an oval thingy, pads, and a finger mitt with matching pads. There was an instruction sheet too. Apparently I could choose to either exfoliate or remove hair. You can only do one procedure at a time.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemThe mitt fit me perfectly. That blue oval thingy is where you're supposed to stick those exfoliation pads.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemThis is an exfoliation pad. One side has an adhesive so you can stick it onto your mitt.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemUh, taking off the white backing sheet reveals that it's actually a piece of P1500 grade sandpaper. Here's a tip okay, if it looks and feels like sandpaper, it probably is. Well I'm so trusting that I thought oh the Kymaro people must know what they're doing so I decided to go on with my trial.

Kymaro Epilsmooth Hair Removal & Exfoliation SystemAnd so I stuck that piece of sandpaper onto the mitt. The instructions said to clean up the area you're removing hair from, wet the whole mitt and pad, and then sort of rub this in circular motions on the skin surface. The instructions also advised to do it while taking a bath. So I did.

I rubbed gently as it specifically stated not to use too much pressure. I did end up removing unwanted hair but it's very hard to be precise so there's still some left over. Also, I had this nagging feeling that I was using sandpaper so I did not dare overdo it. What it does is it kind of makes the hair stick to the wet sandpaper so that when you rub the fine strands of hair get crushed from the abrasive surface. They form teeny tiny balls of hair which your loofah mitt removes from your skin. I could already tell while I was wet inside the bathroom that it was not an efficient way to remove hair.

3M P1500 autmotive sandpaperOkay, so after my bath I decided to Google P1500 sandpaper. Guess what, it's the wet or dry type used to detail cars. My hubby actually laughed at me when he got home he said "Oh I use P2000 sandpaper for our cars and that's actually more fine than what you just used on yourself,". Oooookay.

Anyways, how were the results?

  • I ended with some light abrasions on some of my pores where the hair comes out, hubby said it's kind of like razor burn that he sometimes gets from shaving.
  • There was a stinging sensation after, I actually poured on Neutrogena Bath Oil on my legs in order to soothe the skin. Still stung after. Sux, really.
  • There's still unwanted hair. Using this is kind of scary so I didn't dare do it 100%. I mean... it's sandpaper for crying out loud.
Verdict: I'm NEVER using this again. I promptly threw the entire kit including all the remaining unused pads in the trash can afterwards. Good riddance.

Don't try this at home folks... O_o

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