Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. Ang's mystery invitation...

I got this big red box some time early last week. It looked like something I'd get for Chinese New Year. This is actually the second installment in the mystery series of sorts that started with a mysterious cake I got.

Mr. Ang's mystery box

It's actually a very ingeniously designed invitation.

Tang Pulpy MangoMr. Ang was actually representing the newest drink in town... Tang Pulpy Mango! The invitation came with a glass and a carafe with Tang labels.

Tang Pulpy MangoThe country's biggest fruit explosion is happening on the eve of Chinese New Year, February 2, 2011!

Tang Pulpy MangoThanks for the glassware Mr. Ang! Unfortunately, I can't make it on February 2 because I have to be present at our own family's Chinese New Year celebration... I'm looking forward to reading all about it from my fellow bloggers. :)

Check Mr. Ang's FB Page for more info about the event. :D

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