Andi Eigenmann for Pond's Clear Solutions

We had an informal chat with Andi Eigenmann at The Rockwell Club last Feb. 8, 2011. Andi is now officially the face of Pond's Clear Solutions Facial Wash.

Andi Eigenmann for Pond's Clear SolutionsWhy all the facial washes? Andi's beauty regimen is really very simple. "I wash with Pond's facial wash and I use Pond's Cold Cream to remove make-up. I wash, wash, wash...," shares Andi. "On normal days I never really put on make-up... I'm not the vain type," she adds. Andi uses Pond's Clear Solutions Facial Wash when she feels a pimple coming on so " subsides on its own without really erupting."

Ever since Andi was a little girl, it has always been her dream to be on a billboard as a Pond's endorser. "I started using Pond's facial wash when I was thirteen," she says. "Before my love for acting, all I wanted was to get that Pond's billboard -- I swear. So I honestly cried when I got the offer." Andi told us that she would never endorse something that she did not actually like or use because she doesn't think she'd be able to sell it properly.

Andi Eigenmann for Pond's Clear SolutionsAndi is a refreshingly open and animated young woman. When you ask her questions, she replies with whatever comes to the top of her mind right away. She can get carried away while sharing stories and anecdotes, losing track of the original question at times. You just know that she's not pulling your leg. She actually kind of reminds me of her mom, Jaclyn Jose, who's also frank.

While we were chatting with Andi, we noticed she had bruises and gashes. She told us that it's because she's currently preparing, training, and filming for her role as a soldier in the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye "Minsan Lang Kitang IIbigin" which will start airing this March 2011. She's THAT dedicated to her craft. "I want to make a name in the industry. I want to be known as an actress, giving justice to the roles I portray," Andi volunteers.

Andi Eigenmann for Pond's Clear SolutionsSo how does Andi keep herself looking good aside from wash, wash wash?

  • Drink lots of water. "I drink at least two liters of water by lunch time. After that, I can drink only when I'm thirsty," admits Andi. "I love water. I don't drink drink softdrinks and juice." (See why she's really the one for Agua Bendita?
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. "I had a sweet tooth but I stopped eating sweets. I just eat go, grow, and glow foods," Andi states. She admitted to being 135 lbs before. She's 105 lbs at the time of this conversation.
  • Keep your face clear and flawless. "All I need is Pond's to help me maintain the clarity of my face," Andi says.
Andi Eigenmann and AnimetricMake-up for Andi is basically just eyebrows and lipstick. "A lot of people tell me I look really good without a lot of make-up on," Andi relates. "I use my eyebrows to help me portray characters." Andi pointed out that her eyebrows are somewhat bushy and thick at the moment because that is what her soldier character's look requires. "I collect lipstick. They're all MAC," she confesses.

Aside from Pond's products, these are Andi's top beauty must-haves:

  1. MAC Girl Boy Brow Set
  2. Sophie Magic Pink Cream
  3. Vaseline or Carmex for the lips

Andi Eigenmann for Pond's Clear SolutionsSoap is not the best way to keep your face clean because it can overdry and it's not really formulated for the more delicate facial skin. Finding the right facial wash for your skin type is the first step to a smooth and flawless face. Personally my favorite is Pond's Pure White with activated carbon.

What about you? What do you use to wash your face? :)

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