Mo-Mo Paradise in Taipei, Taiwan

We made it a point to reserve somewhere nice we could dine in the night of December 24, 2010. It was our Christmas dinner after all. :)

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanWe found Mo-Mo Paradise inside K-Mall, a shopping center beside our hotel. For NT399 (P598.50), we could all avail of an eat-all-you-can hot pot meal with unlimited Japanese rice, vegetables, and meat. My 6-year old daughter only had to pay NT100 (P150). The only catch was we could only stay in the restaurant for 1.5 hours, so we had to eat our fill within the alloted time.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanFirst step is choosing a soup base for your hot pot. My mom-in-law picked plain soup with nori (seaweed). It tasted very much like plain boiled water, haha. Next time we will be more adventurous as there are several types of soup bases available.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei Taiwan

You're first served some pickles as appetizers.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanThen you're brought a set of fresh vegetables. There's sweet corn, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, etc.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanMo-Mo Paradise's specialty is Japanese beef. The meat was lean, fresh, and it had just the right marbling so it's not overly fatty yet it's very tender when cooked.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei Taiwan

I couldn't believe we could eat as much high quality Japanese beef as we wanted.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanWe had so many kinds of beef, also some pork I think. I wasn't really sure anymore as my in-laws did all the ordering. I noticed that the ingredients are all very fresh and tasty -- the corn was very sweet, the veggies crisp, the mushrooms juicy, etc.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanThe staff were very nice and friendly too, albeit they could not really speak English. We had to converse with them in Mandarin.

Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei TaiwanThere's also complimentary dessert. We were served a small scoop of lime sherbet each, perfect for cleansing the palate after such a hearty meal.

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