Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat Shop!

I love flipflops. They're comfy, casual, and they make my feet look very feminine. I have at least four pairs of Havaianas at home. There's one for indoor use, others for outdoor use, then there's my favorite Havaianas Highs which are 2.5 inch platform wedges.

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopNaturally, I got very excited when I found out about this new brand of flip flops being sold at The Flat Shop in Greenhills -- Girls Two Doors Down!

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopGirl Two Doors Down is very popular in the US, worn by celebrities like Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Alba just to name a few.

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopThis is a pair of Girl Two Doors Down's Trophy Medallion flip flops in Navy. It's a platform model, but there's also a flat version available. I prefer wearing shoes which add height and so platform version is the natural choice for me.

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopGirl Two Doors Down are known for their trademark blings and daring slogans printed on the insole. Mine has this nice round brooch-like bling in a rosette pattern. It's metallic and it's studded with tiny rhinestones. It's just lovely! The slogan printed on the insole goes "Which trophy collection were you referring to, MY BLING OR CABANA BOYS?". Hahaha! Anyone who knows me will know that is so contrary to my personality because I don't even like going to the beach, so it's highly unlikely I'll ever come in contact with a cabana boy. :p

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopGirls Two Doors Down flip flops are so lightweight and comfy that it's like wearing foam mattress on your feet. I could go around in these all day. The platforms are about two inches in height.

Girl Two Doors Down's from The Flat ShopI love Girl Two Doors Down's straps. They're made of soft material that won't cause strap burns on your feet even if you wear them for extended periods of time. That has been one of my problems with some rubber flip flops. They're so nice and feminine too. :)

Girl Two Doors Down from The Flat ShopYou can get Girl Two Doors Down flip flops from the newly opened The Flat Shop in Greenhills. They retail for P1,990 a pair for both the flat and the platform models. It's actually cheaper to buy here in the Philippines compared to the US since they retail for US$55 to US$60 there.

The Flat Shop
G/F Connecticut Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Center

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