B&T Mexican Kitchen along Ortigas Ave.

We were invited to check out B&T Mexican Kitchen along Ortigas Ave. last Jan. 20, 2011. B&T Mexican Kitchen was opened by one of the former co-owners of Ristras.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasThe place has a cheery green and orange color scheme. Do pardon the messy table... I arrived a bit late and so there was already quite an amount of food there. :)

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasI had some Chips and Chili Con Carne (P180, pictured above) to get me started. The Chili Con Carne has baked beans and ground beef on the bottom layer and a dollop of sour cream with grated cheese and green onions on top. Yummy! :D

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasNext I tried a slice of Mexican Vegetarian Pizza (P430, pictured above). I loved how the cheese was toasted and embedded on the crisp yet soft tortilla crust (I didn't even think it was possible to be crisp yet soft at the same time!). Sweet corn kernels, olives, minced onions, sliced green bell peppers, and diced tomatoes top it.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasChicken Mole Meal (P320, pictured above) was up next. Pieces of boneless chicken covered with a thick sauce called Mole are served on top of rice with soft tortillas on the side. Mole is a type of sauce commonly used in Mexican cooking. It's usually made with chili peppers and a host of other spices -- it can be made with or without chocolate. In B&T Mexican Kitchen's case, the Mole is made with chocolate. As my foodie friends have been raving about this dish, I had high expectations for it. I really tried to like it but I found it too overwhelming. It's like trying to eat cinnamon and chocolate covered chicken with rice. Uh... thanks but no thanks.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasMexican Chipotle Chicken Pizza (P450, pictured above) is yet another yummy offering from B&T. The same soft yet crisp cheesy and toasty tortilla crust is topped with chicken pieces, sliced green bell peppers, and brushed all over with extremely flavorful chipotle sauce. It's sooo good.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasCarne Asada Torta with Sweet Potato Fries (P340, pictured above) is another must try. I just had a bite since I can't really ingest everything in front of me. The beef is tender and tasty plus it's topped with all the usual goodies -- green bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, sour cream... the sweet potato fries are amazing too. I don't know how they're seasoned but they're sweet and savory at the same time. :D

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasSteak and Chicken Quesadilla (Sorry, I don't know how much it costs but it's definitely P300+) is delicious too. Aside from the usual cheese and meat filled soft tortilla, it's served with tangy salad on the side that's just the perfect complement to the cheese.

Fish Taco (P330, pictured above) is pretty unique. Crispy fish fillet is placed in the middle of a soft tortilla filled with shredded lettuce, diced onions and tomatoes and then topped with grated cheese and sour cream. I love the fish -- it's crispy outside, soft and tender inside. It's even better when you squeeze some lime on it. :D

Shrimp Burrito (P350, pictured above) reminded me of sushi somehow. The way it was rolled and how the rice surrounded the deep fried battered shrimp... it was like tempura temaki except that it was seasoned and filled with corn kernels, shredded lettuce, and beans wrapped in tortilla instead of wasabi, vinegared rice, and pickled veggies wrapped in seaweed.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasMy favorite dish that night was the Barbacoa (slow-cooked beef) Tostada (P330, pictured above and below).

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasThree pieces of crispy torched tortilla are topped with generous helpings of Barbacoa, shredded lettuce, black beans, pico de gallo, and melted cheese.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasI love the Barbacoa -- slow-cooked beef that's so incredibly tender, juicy, and flavorful that it makes you look forward to every bite. In fact just remembering how it tasted and felt in my mouth makes me want to order right here and now. XD

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasFor dessert, we had Quesadilla de Fruta (P215, pictured above). Warm and soft tortilla is filled with peach tidbits and cheese then topped with vanilla ice cream, chopped nuts, and chocolate sauce.

B&T Mexican Kitchen OrtigasCheck out the cheese and peaches inside the quesadilla. I found the filling too tart though...

Did you know that the B&T in B&T Mexican Kitchen stands for Burritos and Tacos? All in all I loved nearly everything that was served that night. There was just so much food out that we got to take home some. My son wolfed down the pizzas and quesadillas in a jiffy.

I'll be back for you Barbacoa! :p

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