Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts!

We got to taste our friends Paul and Fran's new discovery a couple of weeks ago -- Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts!

Allies Dry Roasted Wonder PeanutsMy son immediately opened the container when he got home from school. "These peanuts are so good!" were his exact words. Truth be told I much rather have him snacking on peanuts which are much healthier compared to chips and sweets.

Allies Dry Roasted Wonder PeanutsI love how these peanuts are so tasty yet not at all greasy. As you can see there are really a lot of crunchy garlic chips! Yum! I'm addicted to garlic chips! :D

They're so good that my hubby, who absolutely refuses to eat nuts since he believes they cause him to break out, could not resist munching on a few.

Allies Wonder Peanuts

Look ma, no grease! :D

Allies Dry Roasted Peanut cost about P150 to P160 per container. You can order from Just Craving.

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