Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reach into The Cookie Jar this Christmas!

I got some lovely Christmas treats from The Cookie Jar some days ago.

Goodies from The Cookie JarThey came in two forms: a jar containing a pre-measured cookie mix and a tin containing ten (10) freshly baked Cranberry Walnut cookies.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from The Cookie JarThis is a jar containing all the ingredients for your very own batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. It costs P220 and it yields about 24-30 cookies depending on the size. This jar contains flour, chocolate chips, oats, brown sugar, white sugar... you just need to add butter, eggs, and vanilla then pop the batter in an oven for your very own freshly baked cookies. I haven't tried the mix yet since I'm still quite busy.

Cranberry Walnut Cookies from The Cookie JarIf you'd rather get your cookies baked and ready to go, you can opt for a tin just like this. This one's a tin full of Cranberry Walnut Cookies, it costs P195. Each tin contains ten (10) cookies.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care Collection

When I got married back in December 1999, Fanny Serrano did my make-up. The photo below was taken from my wedding album.

Animetric wedding make-up by Fanny SerranoHe arrived at our house at around 5:30am since my wedding was set for 10am. This is very special to me because before I even got the idea of getting married, I was already dead set on having Fanny Serrano do my wedding make-up. I actually booked him a year in advance in order to make sure. At the time, I felt that among all the popular make-up artists, he was the best because the looks he created were all very natural-looking.

Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care lineThus when I received an invitation to the press launch of TF's (Tita Fanny) hair care line, I was really excited. Imagine, I would get to see him again more than a decade after my wedding!

Fanny Serrano launches his professional hair care lineThe launch was held at C2 Classic Cuisine in Greenhills last Nov. 24, 2010. TF explained that what prompted him to create the Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care Collection is the desire to share his vast knowledge and experience in taking care of hair with everyone. He told us of the numerous kitchen experiments he used to conduct with aloe vera and other natural ingredients as hair treatments when he was younger.

Fanny Serrano demonstrating on a model's hairFanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care Collection come in a complete range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and even styling products. The hair care products are all formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera, papaya, moringa seeds, and Indian Senna among others. He demonstrated each one with a different model. All the female models had rebonded hair, and TF had them use the products for a month.

Sunrise Buckets serves up delicious chicken!

We found ourselves at Sunrise Buckets with The Club early this lazy Sunday evening. Since it's a holiday the following day, everyone was very relaxed -- more so than usual. :)

Sunrise BucketsI decided to order a Bucket of 3 wings cooked in Sunrise Original sauce (P99, pictured above). It came in a small metal pail. Aside from Sunrise Original, other flavor variants are:
  • Smokin' BBQ
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Ultimate Crazy Hot
  • JalapeƱo
  • Jack Daniels
  • Buffalo Wings
Sunrise Original chicken wings at Sunrise BucketsSunrise Original sauce is sweet and tangy with a slight kick. I liked it a lot! Goes so well with the crispy fried wings. People who know me know that I'm not fond of chicken so that's actually high praise... hahaha! I was told that Sunrise Original and Smokin' BBQ are the bestsellers.

Sunrise Original chicken wingYou're handed a disposable plastic glove with every order of chicken wings so you can eat without having to worry about getting your hands dirty.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Manila Bulletin 3D and beyond!

I was invited to the Manila Bulletin 3D launch event last Nov. 19, 2010. Since it was to be held at Picasso in Makati City, I felt the need to primp a bit.

Eye make-up for Manila Bulletin 3D LaunchAnimetric's FOTN for Manila Bulletin 3D LaunchFOTN (Face of the Night) care of the following products (my trusty all-time favorites) which took all of 10-15 mins to apply:
  • Obagi Colorscience Pressed Mineral Pigment in All Even
  • Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Pencil Shadow in Silver
  • Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-Up in Rich Brown
  • Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Metallic Black
  • Shu Uemura Precise Length Mascara in Black
  • Elianto Cream Concealer in Medium
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in PK303
Anyways, enough vanity and on to the main event!

Vince Golangco and Hannah Villasis host the eventThe event was hosted by Vince Golangco of When in Manila and Flaircandy herself Hannah Villasis.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 at The Body Shop!

Ever since I discovered The Body Shop during my Hong Kong trips as a teenager, I've always loved its whole concept of promoting all things natural with no animal testing and its staunch support for community trade. Lucky for us, we no longer need to go abroad just to visit The Body Shop. TBS stores are all over the Philippines now. :)

Winter Trend 2010 make-up palette from The Body ShopI was very excited when I was invited to an intimate gathering at The Body Shop's Glorietta store last Nov. 18, 2010. A wide array of Christmas beauty treats and gift ideas were unveiled, one of them being The Body Shop Winter Trend 2010 Eyeshadow Palette. There are two kinds, and each costs about P1500+.

The Sparkler from The Body ShopAnother interesting product is The Sparkler. It's very fine shimmer powder inside a glass bottle with an old-fashioned atomizer to disperse it. Very vintage.

The Sparkler on my skinYou can spray it everywhere -- your face, hair, arms... it gives you this really nice shimmery effect. :D

Animetric sans make-upSince I wasn't wearing any make-up that day, I volunteered for a free holiday makeover from The Body Shop. I spent the morning at the DFA having my passport renewed and then went straight to the office right after so I was a bit haggard.

Lutong Macau along Jupiter St.

We wanted to have dinner at Wee Nam Kee one Sunday evening. I told my hubby that in order to be seated, we'd have to be there maybe 5pm or earlier. After much ado, we ended up at Ayala Triangle Gardens at 6pm and wow, we were #33 in the queue to get into the restaurant. I suggested that we pack up and leave because at that rate it could be close to midnight before we could get a seat.

Since everyone was already gungho about Chinese food, I suggested that we go to Lutong Macau along Jupiter St. instead. Malls were out of the question because I was pretty sure that they'd be packed with Christmas shoppers and parking would be a nightmare.

Steamed Seafood Roll at Lutong MacauLutong Macau serves typical Chinese food. They even have set menus (lauriats) for groups of 10-12 people. That night, we started our dinner off with an order of Steamed Seafood Roll (P98, pictured above), which is my hubby's favorite dimsum. It's actually tofu skin filled with lean meat and bits of seafood. He said it's pretty good and comparable to Gloriamaris'.

Yang Chow Fried Rice at Lutong MacauOur server suggested that we order Yang Chow Fried Rice (P200, pictured above) since steamed white rice costs P38 a cup. There were seven of us (5 adults and 2 kids) dining and so it would be more costly to order on a per cup basis. It was pretty good. Hubby just ordered one extra cup of steamed rice and we were all set.

Braised Seafood with Beancurd in Pot at Lutong MacauMy sister-in-law decided go for Braised Seafood with Beancurd in Pot (P300, pictured above). It had fish fillet, squid, tofu, mushrooms, shrimps, and vegetables stewed in a thick brown sauce. It was a big hit with my 6-year old who just lost her front tooth since the components were quite soft. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Discovering the shampoo Blind Test...

I started having problematic hair when I was about 12. I don’t know what happened. I was born with straight black hair which fell flat on my forehead and back, but somehow things changed when I reached my adolescent years. Suddenly I found myself with wavy, unmanageable, and coarse hair which was impossible to style.

This is me without straightening!I resorted to blowdrying and/or ironing (yes, I was already ironing back in the 1980’s and the photo above shows my hair when it's not straightened circa 2009... ugh!). Then I discovered straightening. I used to go to this barber shop which was famous for straightening hair. They used very strong chemicals to kill all natural curls and waves. I got stick straight hair after, but it was very badly damaged. It became rough in terms of texture. There were times when I swear I could fold the strands and hear a “crunch”. Dry, coarse, and just plain badly damaged, my hair lost all movement. It looked like a helmet made of walis tingting (a type of broom). Such was the extent of my hair problems, to the point that I became obsessive with hair products -- especially shampoos and conditioners. I just couldn't live without any form of chemical straightening anymore (thank goodness for rebonding!) so my hair needs all the help it can get.

Animetric's pre-haircut look
My hair care obsession is fueled by the fact that I’m always looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my rebonded hair (photo above was taken a little under a year after rebonding, circa 2010). I want something that can make it soft, smooth, and shiny. Whether in the Philippines or abroad, I always have the tendency to grab all the products marked “for dry, damaged hair” on the shelves. But with so many shampoos out there in the market, it’s not very efficient to buy each brand and then test. I only have one head of hair and my finances are not infinite. I start to think that there must be a better way than this!

mystery shampoo blind test Thanks to the powers of the internet, I discovered http://www.blindtest.com.ph. The blind test was conducted among 660 women in India and Thailand just last June to August 2010. The women were given a mystery shampoo to use and a whopping 91% responded that they wanted to use it again. Could this be the answer to my hair woes? Hmmm… I’ll find out soon enough.

Animetric's present hair
What about you? What is your toughest hair problem?

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Starbucks Planner 2011 Giveaway!

Due to the insane popularity of the 2011 Starbucks Planners on my blog, I thought why don't I give them away to my readers for Christmas? Lucky for me, Starbucks agreed. :p

Starbucks Planner 2011 Giveaway by AnimetricStarbucks 2011 Planners in Wood, Velvet, and MetalSo there you have it folks, three (3) Starbucks 2011 Planners. There's one of each design: Wood, Velvet, and Metal. And yes, three lucky people who read or follow my blog will win one planner each.

Metal Starbucks 2011 PlannerA lot of you know that my personal choice is the Metal 2011 Starbucks Planner. You can check out the whole unboxing ceremony HERE. All three planners have the same design with varying cover surfaces.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gigi's Custaroons and Poppers for all seasons!

I got some advanced Christmas goodies thanks to Abet some days ago. I'm a sucker for pretty packages and desserts and so the mere prospect of trying Gigi's Custaroons and Poppers really excited me.

Gigi's CustaroonsGigi's CustaroonsGigi's Custaroons come in a beautiful brightly colored box with a touch of retro styling. It was almost too pretty to open so it's really perfect for gift-giving.

Custaroons by Gigi GaerlanGigi's Custaroons come in boxes of 4, 6, 12, and 24 pieces. The pricing goes something like this:
  • Box of 4: P 150.00
  • Box of 6: P 170.00
  • Box of 12: P 300.00
  • Box of 24: P 550.00
Gigi's CustaroonsA custaroon is like a cross between custard and macaroons, you know, those tiny chewy pastries made of coconut.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nu Skin Ageloc Transformation Set

I consider myself very very lucky for having been given the chance to try the NuSkin Ageloc Transformation Set. It costs a hefty P24,000 and it's not easy to cough up that amount if you're not sure what its effect will be on your skin. For this opportunity, I'd like to thank NuSkin Philippines.

NuSkin Ageloc Transformation SetNuSkin Ageloc Transformation SetNuSkin Ageloc Transformation SetThe NuSkin Ageloc Transformation set contains four products. It's a complete 3-step day to night anti-aging regimen consisting of four products:
  1. Nu Skin Ageloc Gentle Cleanse & Tone
  2. Nu Skin Ageloc Future Serum
  3. Nu Skin Ageloc Radiant Day SPF 22
  4. Nu Skin Ageloc Transforming Night
Each product utilizes the ageLOC technology which helps you preserve your youthful looks from a molecular level.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jewelmer Premiere Collection 2011

I attended the launch of Jewelmer's Premiere Collection 2011 last Nov. 17, 2010 at Cav Wine Shop - Cafe.

Rosone from the Jewelmer Premiere Collection 2011
Rosone: Divine Inspiration

Rosone (pictured above) is a flora-inspired collection of earrings, pendants, and cocktail rings. Yes, apparently big cocktail rings are the rage these days. There are three different petal patterns for Rosone, each one just as dainty and intricate as the other. It kind of reminds me of snowflakes at the same time.

Lautitia Efforo ring from the Jewelmer Premiere Collection 2011
Lautitia - Efforo ring

The luxurious Lautitia - Efforo ring looks even more like a flower with its plump petals.

Bianca Valerio hosts the Jewelmer Premiere Collection 2011 launch
Bianca Valerio hosted the event. She was clad in Jewelmer pearls. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brownies Unlimited for Christmas!

I received some very sweet and decadent gifts from Brownies Unlimited a few days ago.

Brownies Unlimited
They came in three sizes -- 4-pack, 6-pack, and 12-pack.

12-pack Brownies UnlimitedWhat I'm holding in this photo is the biggest size, the 12-pack. Each pack comes with a special Christmas card so all you have to do is write names and greetings on it. :)

Assortment from Brownies UnlimitedThe heavenly smell of chocolate greeted me as soon as I opened the box. There are eight kinds of brownies in all. I actually got confused as to which I should try first.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clean and Clear BFF 8 Date at SM Mall of Asia!

I dragged my partner-in-crime Mrs. Martinez to SM Mall of Asia last Nov. 6, 2010 so we could participate in Clean and Clear's BFF 8 Date event. For that day Apple iPads for the winning pair was at stake -- and all we had to do was have the most fun!

Clean and Clear BFF 8 DateBasically we had to use Clean & Clear's BFF 8 Date scrapbooking app on Facebook to chronicle our afternoon of fun at SM Mall of Asia. Oh and we have to look fresh all throughout too hence my trusty baon -- a whole pack of Clean & Clear Oil Control Film! We needed eight photos of eight tasks that we undertook for the scrapbook.

Clean and Clear BFF 8 Date at White Hat
Clean and Clear BFF 8 Date at Club Princess

Friday, November 19, 2010

Razzle Dazzle Salon hair makeover!

I decided to go in for a complete hair makeover at Razzle Dazzle Salon last Nov. 7, 2010. I won a package consisting of hair color, hair cut, and hair treatment some months ago from Skycable's summer promo but my schedule has been so hectic that it's only this month that I found the time to avail of it.

Inside Razzle Dazzle SalonRazzle Dazzle Salon is located on Rada St. in Makati. You know what that means -- it would be nearly impossible to park on weekdays, which is why I chose the earliest slot on a Sunday. Another plus of going on a Sunday is the free parking along Rada. The salon is very modern, brightly lit, and spacious. I loved it! The air-conditioning is lovely too, it's cold inside even if it's sweltering hot outside. You can really get prettified in comfort here.

Animetric's hair makeover at Razzle Dazzle SalonDid I mention I got the earliest slot? 10am it was, and so I woke up early for a Sunday since I had to leave the house by 9:30am. I look sleepy. Anyways, the photo above left shows my old hairstyle -- which was really no style. It just hangs there. First order of business was color, hence they clipped my hair so they could do it in sections. My stylist was Mr. Joey, and he told me that he was going to use Davines hair color in auburn. The particular Davines variant he chose was good for chemically-treated hair like mine (I got Japanese straightening done a month prior.).

After coloring, I was shampooed and then Mr. Joey cut my hair right after. I was initially horrified when I saw about four inches go down on the floor. Mr. Joey said he was going to give my hair layers and shape, plus I was getting long bangs. I didn't protest, I told him to do whatever he felt was best. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congratulations Coke Everyday Kainan Happiness winner!

Last September 24, 2010 I launched a contest sponsored by Coca-Cola Philippines. It was all about sharing your Everyday Kainan Happiness with Coke.

Happy Friday midnight snack with Coke ZeroThe contest ran for about two weeks. Over a hundred people joined. I'd like to thank everyone who posted an entry on Coca-Cola Philippines' behalf. It proved challenging for Coke to select just one winner from well over 100 entries, but after poring through every single post a decision was finally reached.

As the film The Highlander's tagline goes, there can only be one. And that one person came up with this answer:

"Para sa aming mag-anak, tsitchirang tag-piso, basta may coke panalo! Madalas kainan ang bonding ng pamilya namin. Mapabongga man o simpleng pagkain swak sa panlasa namin. Sabi nga ma-vetsin daw ang dila namin dahil sa sobrang gana naming kumain. Katunayan, lahat kami tabaching-ching!

Kahit sa tsitchirang tag-piso lang, basta may malamig na malamig na COKE, solve na ang araw namin, lalo't sabayan mo pa ng kwentuhang extravaganza, reminiscing the old memories and ang mga kapalpakang katawa-tawa....hay! Ang sarap ng feeling... kung pwede lang 'wag ng matapos ang araw."

Congratulations Ma. Susana Marcial! You just won an overnight package from Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel complete with buffet breakfast worth P10,000 for the family!

Claiming and awarding details will be emailed to you in the coming days. For those who didn't win this time, don't fret, more contests and promos are on the way!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle Gardens!

We found our way to the newly opened BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle Gardens yesterday. It was a holiday and so driving through Makati City was a breeze.

BonChon Chicken Ayala Triangle GardensWe decided to have Chicken Chops (P185 for 4 pieces). There are two flavor variants to choose from for all the chicken you can order: Soy Garlic or Hot & Spicy. Our Chicken Chop came in Soy Garlic. I am not fond of poultry in general but wow, the chicken chop was incredibly crunchy outside and tender inside. It's best eaten hot just as it's laid out in front of you. The Soy Garlic glaze is salty-sweet, and well... good.

BonChon Chicken Ayala Triangle GardensWe also ordered Drumstick (P185 for 3 pieces). This time, we opted for Hot & Spicy. It was very tasty and I liked it. Like the Chicken Chops, the it was very crispy outside and tender inside. It's too spicy for kids though. My 9-year old son took one bite and kept on drinking water afterwards. He settled for the Soy Garlic Chicken Chops instead. You can order steamed rice for P15 per cup.

BonChon Chicken Ayala Triangle GardensAside from rice, you can order side items like French Fries (P45, pictured above), Kimchi Coleslaw, Pickled Radish, Popcorn Chicken, and Calamari.

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