Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sony Summer Fever 2010's sizzling hot new gadgets!

Truth be told, the best point-and-shoot digicam I've ever owned and used is the Sony Cyber-shot TX1. I've gone through at least four models from different brands in the past and none of them can even begin to compare.

Animetric and Runway2Reality in BoracayI bring the Sony Cyber-shot TX1 with me wherever I go. It's small, slim, and easy-to-use so it's perfect for an on-the-go mom and media practitioner such as myself. It takes incredible photos too, I've actually gotten emails from my readers saying that my food photos have improved much after I switched to the Sony Cyber-shot TX1 last October 2009. That's me up there handing my TX1 to fellow blogger Dhon Jason of Runway2Reality so he can take my pic, hehe. Photo above courtesy of

Sony Cyber-shot TX5
Sony Cyber-shot TX5 underwaterJust when I thought a good thing couldn't get any better, Sony comes out with the Sony Cyber-shot TX5 (in both pictures above). It's similar to my TX1 in terms of features and specs but it's waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and temperature-proof! And I'm not pulling your leg. We were able to try out taking photos underwater in Boracay and the Sony Cyber-shot TX5 performed beautifully.

Another spiffy gadget that got my attention is the Sony Digital S Frame Combi DPP-F700 (pictured above). Basically, it's a photo album and photo printer rolled into one. You can upload your favorite pictures and display them in a slideshow on your living room. Press a button and your photo gets printed out pronto. I was able to try it out as well -- and the print quality is excellent.

Sony BloggieSony unveiled a new product category altogether at the Sony Summer Fever 2010 -- Sony Bloggie (pictured above). The Sony Bloggie is a mobile HD snap camera which can capture perfect videos instantly. If you're fond of recording spontaneous to special moments on video, this is the gadget for you. It comes with Sony's 360° video lens which lets you catch everything around you. I love the colors too -- it comes in pink, blue, white, and purple.

Watch out for these sizzling hot new gadgets coming your way this March 2010!

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The best of Uncle Cheffy at Eastwood City

Last Feb. 19, 2010, I had dinner at Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven Panizza with fellow bloggers courtesy of Eastwood City. There was really quite a generous amount of food served, but for the purposes of this post I will sum them up with the dishes I liked best.

Uncle Cheffy Salad at Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven PanizzaWe started off with the Uncle Cheffy Salad (P230 single / P495 for sharing, pictured above), which is made up of crispy pork belly slices, potato wedges, asparagus, and mesclun. The dressing is somewhat similar to that of a Caesar Salad's. I liked how the potato wedges retained their crunch even when covered with the creamy dressing. It was an interesting starter to say the least.

Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad at Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven PanizzaTo balance out the creaminess of Uncle Cheffy Salad, Grilled Prawn and Pomelo Salad (P295 single / P495 for sharing, pictured above) was served alongside of it. This one had a refreshing citrus flavor because of the pomelo chunks and zesty vinaigrette dressing. I liked it a lot. :D

All Meat Barbecued Panizza at Uncle CheffyUncle Cheffy's trademark brick-oven panizza was served next. We had the All Meat Barbecued variant (P450, pictured above). A panizza is a big, rectangular thin crust pizza which is sliced diagonally so you can get a strip and top it with the salad greens, salsa, and alfalfa sprouts served on the side. After doing so, you roll the strip lumpia-style with your greens and salsa inside. Then you eat it like a roll. It's a unique alternative to the traditional round pizza, and those greens give you the impression that it's more healthy, hehe. I liked the East Meets West (P495, not pictured here) variant of the panizza better which had kesong puti, salted egg, mangoes, and tomatoes.

Memphis Barbecue US Beef Rib FingersThe Memphis Barbecue US Beef Rib Fingers (P595 for 1000g) that was brought out afterwards is one of Uncle Cheffy's most popular dishes. About 1kg of US beef ribs marinated in flavorful barbecue sauce is served with roasted baby potatoes and a small side salad. The beef was fall-off-the-bone tender and very, very tasty. It went really well with the rice pilaf which was also served.

Aside from the dishes I've mentioned so far, we also had this scary-looking fish which I didn't touch, a dish that resembled lechon kawali, and Spaghetti Alejandro (P350) -- a very tangy tomato-based Italian style pasta which looked just like ordinary spaghetti so I didn't bother posting a pic anymore.

Chocolate Parfait on Pandan Crepe at Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven PanizzaOf course, what's a hearty meal without my favorite part -- dessert! There was Chocolate Parfait on Pandan Crepe (P95). Freezing cold chocolate mint ice cream is wrapped in pandan crepe and served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and chopped pistachio nuts.

Sweet Potato Creme Brulee at Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven PanizzaMy favorite dessert was the Sweet Potato Creme Brulee (P95, pictured above). Creme Brulee is baked on top of a base made of mashed and toasted sweet potatoes. The flavor and texture contrast between the silky creme brulee and the chunky sweet potato base was like a delicious dream. Yummy!

Uncle Cheffy
Level 2 Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C5), Quezon City

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cantonese Soup Kitchen in photos

I was invited to the grand opening of The Cantonese Soup Kitchen last February 19, 2010.

Crispy Spring Rolls at The Cantonese Soup KitchenSeveral dishes were showcased to members of the press for sampling. It was really quite a feast. Pictured above are the Crispy Spring Rolls (P65), they're very good and the vinegar-based sauce on the side goes so well with them.

Sibot with Duck Soup at The Cantonese Soup KitchenEach of us was served a bowl of piping hot Sibot with Duck Soup (P195, pictured above), made of medicinal Goji Berries (sibot, pronounced as see-boot in Hokkien). This is a very healthy concoction and is just the thing most elderly Chinese would like cook up in their kitchens. I've had a lot of sibot in the past but I can honestly say that this is the best tasting bowl ever. It's very light and refreshing despite its dark color. Don't be scared, looks can be deceiving and you're missing half of your life if you don't try this.

Cha Misua at The Cantonese Soup KitchenCha Misua is another tasty dish. It's the same type of misua usually served during birthdays and engagements.

Garlic Burst Spareribs at The Cantonese Soup KitchenGarlic Burst Spareribs (P190, pictured above) is another favorite. It's served with a vinegar-based sauce like the Crispy Spring Rolls. I wasn't able to stay for more dishes and dessert since I had another event to attend, but I will surely re-visit The Cantonese Soup Kitchen one of these days to write a proper review. Everything's just delicious. :D

The Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bungee Fun in Eastwood City!

Okay, I'll be the first to tell you I'm by no means a thrill-seeker. I haven't even been on the Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom. The most daring rides I've ever tried are probably Space Mountain in Disneyland plus the Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy rides at Universal Studios.

Signing up for Bungee Fun in Eastwood CityLast February 19, I went to Eastwood City with a group of fellow bloggers to try out Bungee Fun and then have dinner at Uncle Cheffy's afterwards. That's me up there signing up for my turn.

Strapped in at Bungee Fun in Eastwood CityBungee Fun is a 3-minute um... experience wherein you get strapped in on top of a big trampoline. The bungee straps are attached to a machine that propels them up and down to make you jump up, up, and away until you reach the tops of the trees above. Bungee Fun costs P120 a pop.

Up,up, and away with Bungee Fun
Now I pointedly told the attendant I wanted to keep it slow and easy. But my hubby was beside the guy the entire time and I could hear him say "Todo mo! Hanggang dyan na lang ba yan?" ("Max it out! Is that all there is?"). I was like whaaaat??? I was screaming as I repeatedly went up to the tree tops and then down on the trampoline. I imagine I must've created quite a spectacle. My hubby was so busy coaxing the attendant to max out the machine that all the photos of me going up and down were a blur. Thank goodness Jen of caught one.

You can actually do aerial somersaults and other stunts while jumping up and down but I just wasn't daring enough. :p

The Bungee Fun booth is located along Eastwood Citywalk right across Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House. A 3-minute jumping spree costs P120.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free, easy, and effective online classified ads with OLX

Last year, I sold a 12-year old Honda Civic in less than 48 hours via OLX. I was kind of iffy when I posted it, I didn't really know if there was going to be anyone interested in cars over ten years old. To my surprise, I got a barrage of inquiries via text, email, and the reply section of my ad within a couple of hours after posting. The car was sold the very next day. There were still so many interested parties asking about it even after it was sold so I promptly took down the ad.

OLX free Philippine online classifiedsI had such a good experience with OLX that I offered to help my friend sell his 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser via OLX's classified ads. I told him there's everything to gain and nothing to lose. OLX is free, easy-to-use, convenient, and effective. People search the internet for just about everything these days. If you have something to sell, it's really the place to be.

OLX free Philippine online classifiedsYou can upload several photos of whatever it is you're selling or offering too. Viewers can browse through the photos and look at it from different angles. Aside from posting used car ads, I also post real estate ads for condo and dorm rentals via OLX and they have been just as effective.

OLX online classified ads are also categorized by area. For sale Quezon City? Makati City? Caloocan City? Wherever you are, OLX has your area in a subcategory which will make it easier for potential customers to zero in on you.

Get a FREE Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit!

Check out what was delivered to our house yesterday...

Free Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair KitLast February 5, 2010, I texted 10DAYS to 2600. I received a congratulatory text right after which said that I now had a Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit which they would send to me after I register.

To register, text 10DAYS REG Name/Address to 2600. Example: 10DAYS REG Juan Dela Cruz/#10 Apo St., Quezon City

I got a call on my cellphone last Feb. 19, 2010. A Sunsilk representative verified that I did join the promo and told me my prize would be sent within 10 days after our conversation. Surprise surprise, it arrived the very next day, Feb. 20!

Important: Do NOT go directly to registration. You must text 10DAYS to 2600 first before registering or else it won't be valid.

Free Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair KitThe kit contains a 200ml bottle of Sunsilk Damage Repair shampoo and a 200ml tube of Sunsilk Damage Repair conditioner. They smell so good! I can't wait to try them out! :D

Hurry and get those cellphones out! This offer is good only until April 17, 2010.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yoshinoya, serving up more than Beef Bowls in Manila!

One of our family's favorite places to eat has always been Yoshinoya. It's quick, all-natural, reasonably priced, and yummy! I actually made it a point to have at least one meal in Yoshinoya when we went to Japan some years back just to see if the Gyudon Beef Bowl tastes the same... and it does!

Japanese Fried Chicken at YoshinoyaWe're so happy with Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl that we haven't really checked the menu for other food items. I was so surprised when they whipped out this Japanese Fried Chicken (P80, pictured above) during the Bloggers' Event last Wednesday night at Yoshinoya SM Megamall. Large pieces of extra crunchy chicken wings are served with a side salad and vinegar-based sauce. It's just scrumptious, in fact I like it a whole lot better than the fried chicken most fast-food joints serve.

Jumbo Plates at YoshinoyaYoshinoya's Jumbo Plates offer real value for money. For P165, you get a hefty serving of rice, salad, and the following:
  • Jumbo Plate A - Gyudon + Chicken Teriyaki
  • Jumbo Plate B - Gyudon + Beef Yakiniku
  • Jumbo Plate C - Gyudon + Ebi Tempura
KJumbo Plate B at Yoshinoya
My hubby always orders Jumbo Plate C, while I prefer the Jumbo Plate B (pictured above) since I always have a hard time making up my mind whether to have Gyudon Beef or Beef Yakiniku. That way, I can have both! :D

Shiitake Shu Mai at YoshinoyaShiitake Shu Mai (P50 for 4 pieces), is a great side dish to order. Succulent ground pork topped with a shiitake mushroom chunk is served with chili soy sauce. Yum!

Lobster Skewer at YoshinoyaYoshinoya's Skewers (P35 per stick, pictured above) is another surprise. I didn't know they had this on the menu. You can choose between lobster balls or prawn balls. The sauce is on the salty side though... I think this can still be improved.

Strawberry Mousse at YoshinoyaYoshinoya's Strawberry Mousse (P35, pictured above) is the perfect way to end a hearty and delicious meal. I was amazed by how it stayed nice and cold despite the fact that I ate it well more than 30 minutes after it was set on the table. There's a bottom layer made of crushed chocolate cookies, a middle layer of tingly strawberry mousse, and a top layer of whipped cream and candy sprinkles. Mmmm...!

You can visit Yoshinoya at SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, SM North Edsa, Greenhills Carpark 2, SM Mall of Asia, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Parksquare I, and Facebook.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Animetric's Favorite Things Year 1

This is it -- my long awaited first anniversary promo! As the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things… and I’ll be giving them away to my dear readers! But before I share the contest mechanics, let me tell you a bit more about my favorite things… in no particular order since I love them all equally. :D

Animetric's Favorite Things Year 1One set of Yummy books - By one set, I mean one lucky winner will get all three cookbooks from Yummy Magazine! Yummy Meals in Minutes, Yummy So-easy Sweets, and Yummy Weekend Cooking. Yummy Magazine is my favorite food magazine with its quick and easy recipes. The ingredients used are all very easy to get a hold of to boot. Did I mention the layout is very colorful and nice too?

Neutrogena Wave Starter Kit - This revolutionary gadget is truly the best facial cleanser I have ever used. On days my face feels icky and greasy, I give this a go and wow, it’s really like having an instant facial. Those little bumps on the side of your nose? Gone. Oil? Gone. All that’s left is clean, smooth, and beautiful skin. I love it! One lucky winner will get a Neutrogena Wave Starter Kit comprised of the power cleanser, a Duracell battery, and a 2-week supply of cleansing pads!

Celeteque Advanced - This anti-aging treatment is lightweight, non-greasy, and contains no harmful ingredients. I love how it’s so quickly absorbed by the skin. It’s an all-in-one product too so you don’t need a separate eye cream -- perfect when you don’t want too many products cluttering your bedside or dresser. Ten lucky winners will get a bottle of Celeteque Advanced.

VNC Shoes - I just love how VNC has so many shoe styles to fit every personality. VNC shoes are fashionable, comfy, and priced just right. They’re not cheap, but they’re not overly expensive either. Well worth every single cent that you pay for… and one lucky winner will get to take home a gift certificate for a FREE pair of VNC shoes! That’s right, ANY shoe of your choice from any VNC store no questions asked.

Havaianas Slims - I have a pair of yellow Havaianas Slims which I consider to be the most comfortable pair of flipflops I have ever owned. They’re so soft and pliable it’s like walking on jelly. They flex with your feet with every step. I love them, my feet feel so good whenever I wear them… and guess what? One lucky winner gets a pair of silver grey Havaianas Slims in my size 37/38 (size 7-8, my feet are 7.5)!

Starbucks Clean and Green Tumblers - Ever since I got my Starbucks Clean and Green Tumbler last year, we’ve been inseparable. I bring it to the office and use it to drink water in place of plastic cups. I love its slim easy-to-hold shape and cute green design. They’re made of recycled plastic too, so it’s kinder to the environment. Two lucky winners will get the Starbucks Clean and Green Tumbler in the 2010 design. Wow, I myself only have the 2009 edition…

Ace Water Spa GCs - Ace Water Spa is an indoor water wonderland and hydrotherapy massage center right in the heart of the city! Our whole family loves it there. Spending time at the various massage stations and pools guarantees sound sleep afterwards too. One lucky winner will get a pair of gift certificates for FREE 4-hour sessions at Ace Water Spa!

Now that we’ve got the prizes down pat, here are the mechanics:
  1. Tell me which prize you want to win and why. Convince me. You can do so in the form of a reply to this post or you can get your creative juices flowing and blog about it… blog about why you should win the prize you want. If you choose to make a blog entry, post the url in the reply section of this post. Please indicate your name and email address so I can contact you if you win. :D

  2. Each person can have one entry per prize. Since we have seven prizes at stake, you can have a total of seven entries.

  3. This contest is open only to residents of the Philippines.

  4. The first person to submit a valid entry automatically wins a bottle of Celeteque Advanced and will still be eligible for other prizes.

  5. Deadline for submission of entries will be on March 15, 2010. Winners will be announced on March 18, 2010, exactly one month after this blog’s anniversary.
In order to get plus points during judging time, you can do three things:
Getting plus points means that if more than one entry is deemed as the best for a particular prize, whoever did the steps above will be declared the winner. :p

Good luck everyone! Looking forward to your entries. :D

A big thank you to all my generous sponsors -- VNC, Ace Water Spa, Celeteque Advanced, Neutrogena, Yummy Magazine, Starbucks, and Havaianas.

Congrats to Suzy and mrsmartinez for being the early birds, both of you win a bottle of Celeteque Advanced. According to the time stamp you posted at the exact same time! :D

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Animetric's World Anniversary Promo Update!

This is a preview of what's to come this February 18, 2010 -- the anniversary of my first post here in Blogger.

If you're a Facebook Fan of this blog, you probably know by now that come Feb. 18, 2010 I will be launching an anniversary promo to commemorate one year after my first official post.

Prizes up for grabs are:
  • A gift certificate for a FREE pair of VNC shoes
  • A pair of gift certificates for FREE sessions at Ace Water Spa
  • Ten (10) bottles of Celeteque Advanced
  • A Neutrogena Wave Starter Kit
  • A set of Yummy books
  • Two (2) Starbucks Clean and Green Tumblers in the new 2010 design
  • A pair of Havaianas Slims
Full promo mechanics will be released on Feb. 18, 2010 and the contest will be announced first on Facebook just to give Facebook Fans a little edge over the rest. The first one to send in a valid entry automatically wins a bottle of Celeteque Advanced!

Thank you so much to my generous sponsors VNC, Ace Water Spa, Celeteque Advanced, Neutrogena, Yummy Magazine, Starbucks, and Havaianas.

Stay tuned! Only three more days to go...

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

NBS and Philstar's My Favorite Book Year 9

Today is a memorable Valentine's Day to say the least, not because of anything romantic but because I won in Philippine Star and National Book Store's My Favorite Book contest for the third time. First time was in 2006, second time was in 2008, and now I'm back again in the year 2010.

National Book Store and Philippine Star's My Favorite Book Year 9I submitted my entry last Sunday right after I wrote it, it was a little under 900 words and I finished it in about a couple of hours. I used the same book I did when I won back in 2008, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I just really love it so much and I've gained a lot of insight from it over the years. I even watched the film version on DVD wherein Julianne Moore played the lead character Evelyn Ryan. The online version of my winning piece can be accessed HERE.

Normally, it takes two weeks for Philippine Star to publish your entry if you win this contest. That was my experience in 2006 and 2008. Since it was a Valentine Sunday as well, I expected them to choose a love story-based entry so I was genuinely surprised when I saw this published today. Weekly winners get P5,000 worth of National Book Store GCs valid for one year. An added plus is this is exactly the type of published material you can use for your portfolio if you have plans of writing professionally.

Would you like to join My Favorite Book Year 9?

Simply submit an unpublished essay about your favorite book -- typed, double-spaced and not more than five pages long (1,100 words). Write your name, age, address, contact numbers and two paragraphs of background information. Also include a passport-sized photo in jpeg format (not inserted in the document file). Writers who do not comply with these rules will not have their entries considered. You can email your entries to When I submit, I always write the essay in .rtf format and then attach the file and my photo to the email.

You can talk about any book under the sun. I've seen a winning entry stating his favorite book as Webster's Dictionary. :p

This contest is ongoing all year round, so there isn't really a deadline. Just make sure you submit before the last Sunday of 2010. Also, they won't call you or inform you if you win, you have to check The Philippine Star's Lifestyle Section every Sunday to see for yourself.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

A delicious dinner at Angel's Kitchen

We had dinner with some high school friends at Angel's Kitchen along Connecticutt St. last Feb. 2, 2010.

Angel's Kitchen interiorsAngel's Kitchen is a small and quaint restaurant with wooden furnishings which exude a certain country style charm. It's full on most days so it's always safer to reserve before walking in.

Melba toast with chicken liver pate at Angel's KitchenAfter you order, you will be served a small bowl of melba toast with chicken liver pate (pictured above) on the side. This has got to be one of the yummiest complimentary appetizers we've ever had since the chicken liver pate presents a lovely medley of textures and flavors.

Chicken liver pate at Angel's KitchenThere were even small bits of pistachio nuts in the pate. It was sooo good I wanted to buy some to take home.

Waldorf Salad in Honey Calamansi Vinaigrette at Angel's KitchenHubby and I decided to order Waldorf Salad in Honey Calamansi Vinaigrette (P278, pictured above) for starters. Got to give Angel's Kitchen a thumbs up for service -- when the salad came out it was already split into two smaller plates so we wouldn't have to pick on it in the middle of the table. It had apple slices, candied nuts, and herbed boursin cheese tossed with lettuce. The honey calamansi vinaigrette was heavenly... light, citrusy, and at the same time sweet. Needless to say I finished every single leaf of my salad.

Kimchi Rice with Beef Bulgogi at Angel's KitchenFrom the name Angel's Kitchen you'd expect the usual café dishes like pasta and sandwiches. Although they also have those, there are pretty unexpected delicious Asian dishes like this Kimchi Rice with Beef Bulgogi (P398, pictured above) which I ordered. It was a pretty big serving and it was so yummy. It was served with the most delicious chili sauce in case it's still not spicy enough for you.

Crispy Steamed Dory at Angel's KitchenMeanwhile, hubby ordered Crispy Steamed John Dory Fish Fillet (P378, pictured above) which is one of Angel's Kitchen's signature dishes. The fish steamed to tender and juicy perfection on the inside and yet crispy fried on the outside. It is topped with leeks, asparagus, and shitake mushrooms. We never thought it was possible for fished to be steamed and fried at the same time. Delicious!

Angel's Kitchen also has a wide selection of cakes that could rival Conti's in terms of taste. We got so full with dinner that we didn't really have space for dessert anymore, plus it was getting so warm we wanted to leave already. That is my only gripe with the place -- the insufficient air-conditioning! When the place gets packed, the aircon can't keep up and all of you start perspiring. That's not good since it makes you want to skip coffee and/or dessert to go some place more comfortable.

Angel's Kitchen
#57 Connecticutt St.,
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food tripping at Jozu Kin

I had a very lovely time food tripping with Let's Go Sago, Earthlingorgeous, and Boy Kuripot at Jozu Kin on Burgos Circle a couple of weeks ago.

Jozu Kin is a Japanese restaurant specializing in fusion cuisine, incorporating various international flavors and styles to the usual selection of Japanese dishes. The result is a vast array of unique menu items that look and taste good.

Maki Moriawase at Jozu KinIt was a very relaxed evening, we had already worked up quite an appetite from a session of Barre3 prior. We started dinner off with an order of Maki Moriawase (P357, pictured above), which is a mix of California Maki, Ushi Ebi Tempura Crunchy, Dynamite Roll, Philadelphia Roll, and Futo Maki. I particularly enjoyed the Philadelphia roll since it had cream cheese and Bonito flakes coating the rice. If this is fusion sushi, I'd like to have more of it!

Ebiko Jalapeno Udon at Jozu KinNext up was the Ebiko Jalapeno Udon (P295, pictured above). It was a simple yet unique dish -- served cold, spicy and at the same time sweet topped with strips of nori (seaweed) and shrimp roe.

Crisp Koumaru Gyoza at Jozu Kin
We also ordered Crisp Koumaru Gyoza (P189, pictured above), which was marked as one of Jozu Kin's specialties. Instead of the usual elongated and thinly wrapped gyozas, these were very plump and round. The covering was quite thick and the filling was very juicy and meaty. The light honey sauce served on the side went well with it.

Ushi Ebi Sunburst Salad at Jozu KinAnother Jozu Kin specialty is the Ushi Ebi Sunburst Salad (P350, pictured above). Seasoned prawns, strawberries, blueberries, sliced apples, orange slivered almonds, and Hachimitsu Balsamic Vinaigrette make up this refreshingly delicious salad. Yum! They should have served it first though rather than side-by-side with the main dish. :p

Gyuniku Nikomi at Jozu KinGyuniku Nikomi (P350, pictured above) is braised beef stew seasoned with togarashi, or seven spice. Tender and tasty, it would go very well with steamed Japanese rice. None of us had rice that night so I can only imagine. :p

Crispy Banana and Jackfruit with Mango Ice Cream at Jozu Kin
For dessert we ordered Crispy Banana and Jack Fruit with Mango Ice Cream (P145, pictured above), or simply turon with melted ice cream. Ho-hum, nothing special there. We also decided to try Tapioca Coconut Cream, Muscovado Caramel, and Buco Salad Ice Cream (also P145, pictured below). We got melted ice cream with our sago as well. Was the freezer broken that night?

Tapioca Coconut Cream, Muscovado Caramel, and Buco Salad Ice Cream at Jozu Kin
Nonetheless I liked the sticky, chewy tapioca with gata (coconut cream) and muscovado caramel part of the dessert.

If you're game for some Japanese food with a unique twist, you've got to try out Jozu Kin.

Thanks to Let's Go Sago for dinner. :D

Jozu Kin
Unit ES-2 Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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Join the Kotex Club and get free samples!

Good news ladies! Kotex is giving away free Kotex Ultrathin sample packs to the first 200 to become a member of the Kotex Club!

Free sample pack at Kotex ClubJust log on to, if you have not registered yet you will be prompted to sign up and create an account. Take note that availment of the sample packs is not automatic, you must visit the "Discover the Products" section and click on the free sample link to register for one.

Aside from free sample packs, the Kotex Club will also hold contests and promos from time to time. Better hurry, only the first 200 members can avail of the free Kotex Ultrathin sample pack.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Foot Scan ID at the ASICS Expo

I dropped by at the ASICS Expo held at the Condura Village last February 5, 2010. All I knew was that there were going to be Japanese experts there to help you find the perfect fitting shoes.

Foot Scan ID at the ASICS ExpoThe Foot Scan ID is a quick and easy foot analysis system which measures all aspects of a person's feet. That's beauty guru and fellow writer Marie Calica up there demonstrating the process for everyone at the event. Basically, you stand on two pads on the scanner, plant your ankles firmly in the grooves on the back wall, and wait a little while as the guy enters information into the computer. He'll ask for your birthday so he can compare your results with other men and women in your age range.

ASICS Foot Scan ID systemThat's the Japanese expert in action, processing the analysis of Marie's feet on his laptop. The whole interface is in Japanese!

ASICS Expo's Foot Scan IDAfter the demo, I got to have my turn for a Foot Scan ID. I had to fold up my jeans so they could do it properly. After a few minutes I got a print-out of my results and the Japanese guy explained what they meant.

According to my Foot Scan ID results, my feet are within the normal range for women my age. They were neither narrow nor wide, although my results leaned more towards the narrow side of normal. This meant that I could wear any model of ASICS shoes and make the most of it. They recommended that I get size 8.5 when it comes to running shoes, so I can be perfectly comfortable running long distances and not get blisters. My normal shoe size is 7.5, but getting your exact size in athletic shoes is not recommended.

ASICS Kakeru Running SolutionASICS GEL series shoes are incredibly light and comfortable. They look great too! I'll probably get one of these after my current pair of running shoes wear out.

ASICS is available at Planet Sports, The Athlete Foot, Toby’s, The Runner, Olympic Village, 2nd Wind, The Outlet Depot (Subic) and selected SM Department Stores nationwide.

Watch out for the ASICS flagship store at Greenbelt 3 in May 2010.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Say it with Island Rose this Valentines!

Getting flowers for your special one this Valentines just got a whole lot easier and more convenient with Island Rose. With Island Rose's online store, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a credit card to deliver flowers to the Philippines.

Roses and bouquets from Island RoseYou know how it is every Valentines. There are always hordes of people scrambling about buying flowers and trooping to restaurants. This year is even worse since Valentines is on the same day as Chinese New Year. I can't even begin to imagine what a huge traffic jam will ensue, since now you also have people buying tikoy and families lining up in restaurants to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Tiger.

Island Rose's online storeThe good news is, getting the perfect Valentines gift doesn't have to be tedious and torturous. If your loved one fancies flowers, you can easily pick out the perfect petals by logging on to As you can see in the screenshot above, Island Rose's online store interface is very easy to understand and use. Their extensive catalogue of floral arrangements is readily available for online viewing. If your special person isn't into flowers, you can also order Belgian Chocolates, stuffed toys, and fragrances among other romantic gifts from Island Rose. You can send gifts to the Philippines even if you're abroad since Island Rose also accepts US dollars via an international credit card.

To make the love month even sweeter, Island Rose is giving 10% discount to online buyers this Valentine's Day. All you have to do is key in the promotional code VDAY022010 upon checkout. Reserve on or before February 12, 2010 to make sure your gift is received by Valentine's Day! :D

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