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My 6-year old daughter came home from school with a fever last Monday. She didn't have any of the usual flu symptoms like cough, colds, headache, or sore throat. We gave her the usual dose of Tempra but her fever bordered from 39 to 40 degrees C the entire day and night. The next day, I promptly took her to the pediatrician since her schedule is T-Th-S.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics lab resultsI think most parents would agree that when your child has a fever and you're living here in the Philippines, the primary concern would be Dengue Fever. Thus when we went in for a check-up, our pediatrician advised that we get a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a Dengue NSI test so that we could rule it out completely. She said that although my daughter did not seem to have symptoms of Dengue, it was better to be safe than sorry. The Dengue NSI test can detect even very early stages of Dengue which have no obvious symptoms yet so we were advised to go through with it.

We proceeded to Hi-Precision Diagnostics along Quezon Avenue on our pediatrician's advise. She said that she refers all her patients to this lab as they are accurate, reliable, and reasonably priced. The CBC cost P200 whereas the Dengue NSI test cost P1200+. If we had them done at St. Luke's Medical Center the tests would have cost double.

The Quezon Avenue branch was cool, clean, and efficient. As soon as I gave the pediatrician's request they processed it immediately and ushered my daughter into the extraction area where they took a blood sample. Since my daughter was hysterical at the prospect of getting poked with a syringe, I couldn't take photos of the place. We had the test done at 2:35pm and I was told I could download the test results from their website at around 7pm to 8pm that same evening.

Lab results Hi-Precision DiagnosticsThe receptionist will give you a sheet of paper with detailed instructions of how you can download your lab results. It's in PDF format which you can print out (see above for sample). I find this very convenient since it's a pain to have to go back there and get it, especially with the horrid December traffic.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics has several branches in Metro Manila and Cebu. Log on to for more information. I just wanted to share this with everyone since it's very convenient and it saves you a lot of time. :)

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