Listerine Vanilla Mint for dessert!

When you say vanilla mint, images of Sonja's pastel-colored cupcakes and ice cream start flashing through my mind. They're so sinful I'm afraid I'll gain weight just thinking about them.

Listerine Vanilla Mint 250mlGood thing there's Listerine Vanilla Mint. Seriously. I noticed that I usually have zero appetite for any type of food or beverage item right after I brush my teeth. It's sort of like I don't want to ruin the fresh feeling in my mouth. This is doubly true after I gargle with Listerine Vanilla Mint.

When I eat extremely flavorful food loaded with lots of garlic and onions, brushing isn't enough to get rid of the after-smell and after-taste. This is when I usually get additional help from mouthwashes, and my latest discovery in this department is Listerine Vanilla Mint. It wasn't exactly like eating a vanilla mint cupcake from Sonja, but it's sweet and minty with the unmistakeable kick of the good old Listerine which makes your whole mouth feel so clean you'd swear it was sterilized (at least that's how it makes me feel). I don't want to eat anymore afterwards so this makes for a great dessert since I need to lose weight. :p

Listerine Vanilla Mint is available in 2 sizes -- 80ml (P47.25) and 250ml (P143.50, pictured above).

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