Laughter Yoga with Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly

A few weekends ago, I was invited to a unique event -- Laughter Yoga with Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly.

Laughter Yoga with Paolo TrinidadLaughter Yoga, or Hasyayoga, is a form of yoga which involves making yourself laugh for the sake of your well-being. It is designed to bring more oxygen to the body and brain. It doesn't even matter if your laugh is real or fake because Laughter Yoga works on the assumption that the body can't distinguish between the two. Thus, the physiological and psychologically benefits are identical.

Paolo Trinidad (guy in purple pictured above) facilitated our Laughter Yoga session. It entailed lots of staring, chanting, making faces, and trying our darnedest to at least elicit a chuckle. Paolo is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor who also works with inmates in his spare time. It was an interesting session to say the least, but I think for my health and fitness I will stick to Bikram Yoga.

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + JellyMore than the Laughter Yoga, I was more interested in the new product Nestle was introducing -- Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly!

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly in Buco PandanNestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly comes in two flavors: Buco Pandan (pictured above) and Strawberry. Instead of having a full cup of yogurt, the top half of the cup consists of jiggly jelly while creamy yogurt fills the bottom half.

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly in Buco PandanI was amused at how differently we all had our Yogurt + Jelly. Some ate the jelly first, the yogurt later. Some mixed it up into a smooshy concoction. I simply dug in and made sure I had both the jelly and the yogurt on my spoon. The Buco Pandan variant is a winner, it had tiny nata bits that added texture and complemented the tart yogurt perfectly.

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly
Want to try Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly for yourself? Then join this simple contest:
  1. Describe your NFSY with Jelly snacking experience using the portmanteau game. You can come up with a portmanteau by combining two words like jelly + delicious = jellicious

  2. You can either Tweet your entry or post it on Facebook.

  3. Twitter entries must use this format: @animetric word1 + word2 = portmanteau #NestleFruitSelectionYogurt (e.g. @animetric jelly + delicious = jellicious #NestleFruitSelectionYogurt)

  4. Facebook entries must use this format: Hey, @Animetric's World! I just had a cup of @Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt with Jelly and it's so word1 + word2 = portmanteau!

  5. Each person can post as many entries as he/she wants as long as each portmanteau is different. Deadline is on Sept. 5, 2010.

  6. Winners will be chosen according to the creativity of the entry.

  7. There will be two (2) winners. One will receive 25 cups of NFSY with Jelly, while the other will receive 20 cups.

  8. Within 1 week of being proclaimed, the winners can claim their prizes at the Ogilvy office at this address:

    25F Picadilly Star Building
    4th Avenue corner 27th Street
    Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634

And the winners are...
  1. Dionisiodotcom (via Twitter) - Duo + Delicious = Duolicious (25 cups of yogurt!)
  2. Esvimin Campo Faelnar (via Facebook) - Scrumptious + Tittilating = Scrumptillating (20 cups of yogurt!)
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who joined! More contests to come so stay tuned. :)

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