i dolls by Animaland

My kids and I went to Skycable's Kids Play Day 3 last August 21, 2010. Part of the giveaways was a free i doll by Animaland.

Bunny i doll by AnimalandAn i doll is a stuffed toy with your face on it. The booth set-up is similar to a photo booth. You choose a stuffed toy from the selection displayed (in this case my daughter picked a white rabbit), the staff takes your photo, and then your photo is printed out then transformed into 3D. The 3D face is then attached to the blank-faced stuffed toy and voila! You now have an i doll.

i doll by AnimalandAccording to Animaland, i dolls come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This one is the smallest size and costs P225 a piece. There are also other animals like birds, pigs, bears... etc. I'm not sure if you can just go to the Animaland Store at Shangri-la Mall and have an i doll made on the spot but they do offer packages for parties and special occasions.

For inquiries, call 561-2380 or 563-7881 or drop by any Animaland Store.

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