Yoggle, the new yogurt place!

*This establishment is now CLOSED.*

I went to visit Yoggle, a newly opened froyo place along Ortigas Avenue last July 27, 2010 with several fellow bloggers.

Yoggle at RONAC Center

I love love love yogurt and so I was really quite excited about Yoggle.

Frozen yogurt at YoggleI got a cup and asked the lady to fill it up with two flavors: Vanilla and Taro. I was told these were the bestsellers, so I picked them for my hubby who doesn't like yogurt. :p

Vanilla and Taro yogurt at YoggleThe taro and vanilla yogurt are on the sweet side and tasted more like ice cream, which was perfect because my hubby is more of an ice cream person. He generally dislikes tart and sour tastes.

Yoggle has eight yogurt variants at any given time -- 7 flavored ones (taro, vanilla, strawberry, banana, kiwi, watermelon, and mocha cappuccino) and a plain tart variant. The plain tart is a permanent fixture, the 7 flavors change on a weekly basis. I heard they even have mint chocolate yogurt, albeit it wasn't on the line-up that night.

Toppings at YoggleThere's a wide selection of toppings you can pile on top of your yogurt -- mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, cereals, fruits...

Weighing yogurt at YoggleAfter you fill up your cup with the desired amount of yogurt and toppings, it's weighed on a digital scale. It costs P20 per ounce and you control how much or how little you want.

Plain tart yogurt with strawberries and graham powder at YoggleAs for me, I opted for the plain tart yogurt with strawberries and crushed graham crackers. I'm not an ice cream person, I much prefer the tangy taste of *real* yogurt. Problem is, Yoggle's plain tart is too tart, so much so that you'll surely be making the Datu Puti mukhasim face after a spoonful. It's not very creamy too, the texture reminded me of sherbet except that it's smoother. The milky goodness I love (found in FIC The Ice Cream Bar's yogurt and Gurts by Pancake House) isn't there. Red Mango, California Berry, and Yohgurt Froz unflavored yogurt are all much better than Yoggle's too.

If you like ice cream, you'll like Yoggle's flavored yogurts. If you're a yogurt fanatic like me, there's a chance you might not get your fix here.

G/F RONAC Bldg.,
Ortigas Ave. cor. Santolan Ave.,
San Juan City

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