That catchy PLDT piano guy TVC...

I don't watch local TV. As in I really don't. I'm next to useless when it comes to identifying actors and actresses. The only channels I tune in to are Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and AXN for most part. My kids however, are a different story altogether.

The first time I saw PLDT's piano guy TVC was when my kids were watching TV in our room. I wasn't even looking at the screen then because I was busy writing a magazine article. The catchy song caught my attention. Even if it was the very first time I heard it, I heard it replaying again and again in my mind right after. My 5-year old daughter goes on a laugh trip every time it plays. She actually watched this video at countless times and it still never fails to elicit a chuckle from her.

We both agree that the panda is our favorite character. My little girl thinks he's very cute and funny while I can relate to him on a slightly deeper level, because as the piano guy sings most of the time it's just me playing games both offline and online. I'm quite a video game addict. I remember playing Ragnarok Online for the first time with a PLDT DSL connection at my dad's house several years ago. It sure beat dial-up in terms of speed and stability. If I'm not mistaken PLDT was the first provider to offer DSL.

I'm kind of frustrated because I'm presently stuck with another DSL connection at home. When typhoon Basyang struck last month, the power went out and everything died -- our DSL connection, our cellphone signals... we couldn't even send simple text messages so let's not even talk about wireless broadband services from those dongles. The bad part was, I had some magazine deadlines to meet and web projects to do so I needed internet. I packed up the kids and my netbook then drove over to my dad's house. Not only did they have a generator there, they had a PLDT DSL connection that was alive and kicking! Take note that was the morning after typhoon Basyang all but killed every city's power supply. I was able to submit my articles, upload videos on youtube, and update my blog.

We're just waiting for our current subscription to um, outgrow its lock-in period so we can change to PLDT myDSL. We're paying P1,299 a month for landline and a DSL connection we're not happy with most of the time. PLDT has a plan called XCITE 1995. It comes with FREE Watchpad ( with 20 free TV channels, and speed that's up to 2mbps. I'm pretty happy with the stability and speed of the PLDT DSL connection at my dad's house so hopefully we'll have the same pleasant experience when we migrate from our current provider to PLDT. Our neighbor actually swears by it. Read in the newspaper that PLDT is investing to improve their system... so, I’m hoping that I’ll be satisfied when I make the switch soon.

Who's your internet provider? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Majority of the people I know are real netizens and I think it's safe to assume that at this day and age, everyone's on some form of high speed internet connection -- whether its via DSL connection or wireless broadband. I find wireless broadband kind of unstable, more so when you're in an area with a poor 3G signal. What do you think? :)

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