My super unique discovery at the Robinsons All-Out Clearance Sale!

After clothes shopping at the Robinsons All-Out Clearance sale last Sunday, I naturally found my way to my favorite place in Galleria -- Saizen! It's located on the mall's third level. :D

Saizen Wipe Out Clearance Sale...and what do you know, they were also having a wipe out clearance sale! The usual P85 per item cost went down to P58. I was told that this is to make room for new stocks that are on the way. :D

Manganese batteries at Saizen Robinsons GalleriaI remembered that I needed some batteries for the numerous remote controls in our house. I grabbed a pack of 8 manganese batteries. Manganese? Luckily, there was an explanatory card on the rack. It said that manganese batteries have half the power of alkaline batteries but are suitable for appliances that are not used continuously... like remote controls. Perfect! :D

Germanium detox patches at Saizen Robinsons GalleriaThis is my truly unique discovery. It says "Germanium Ingredient Bag". The manager explained that these are actually patches filled with various elements which include Germanium to help you relax. It supposedly helps improve blood circulation. According to, Nobel Prize winning biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg stated that Germanium helps increase the delivery of oxygen to cells. He believed that boosting the oxygen supply to healthy cells slowed the growth of tumors. But then again the same site also states that ingesting Germanium can be toxic to humans. Since this isn't something I have to eat or drink, I was game.

Germanium Ingredient Bag contentsI was very excited to try it. I opened a pack at home just before going to bed. It contained two Germanium and wood vinegar-filled bags which resembled tea bags and two matching adhesive pads.

Germanium Ingredient Bag adhesive padGermanium Ingredient BagGermanium detox foot patchYou attach a bag on each foot using the adhesive strip. Sorry both my feet were red when I took the photo. I had been standing in the bathroom barefoot for quite some time prior. :P

Putting on the Germanium detox foot patchYou're supposed to place the patches on the soles of both feet and then go to sleep with them on. You can wear socks over them if you feel they're not secure enough. The patches are supposed to help extract toxins from the body by absorbing lymphatic fluid.

The bag was clear white when I put it on at around 10pm. I was planning to watch a movie on video, work on some online stuff, brush my teeth, put on eye and face cream... but I never did get to do any of those things. After putting on the patches, I lay back on the pillow to watch a video and I unknowingly fell asleep. I say unknowingly because sleeping is usually a conscious effort for me. I lie down, close my eyes, and wait for myself to sleep... something like that. That night, I didn't even feel it. I was awakened by the sound of the TV some hours after only to realize everything in the room was still on. I think it was around 2am already. I turned everything off and promptly returned to bed. I slept like a baby, something I haven't been able to do for some time now because I'm usually stressing over one thing or another.

Used detox patch in the morningThis is what the patch looked like when I took it off in the morning. The brown stuff was moist. It's not sweat because my feet were totally dry. Wow. Toxins? Is this visible proof of the detoxifying effect? In any case, I had a good night's sleep so I felt refreshed despite having to wake up at 5:30am so I can take my kids to school.

I bought the Germanium Ingredient Bag for P85, which is the regular price for Saizen items. The good news is, Saizen will have its first ever "Big Switch" promo from August 20-22. Prices will be switched from P85 to P58. I'm hoping they'll do so for the Germanium Ingredient Bag because I want to grab some more packs. :D

Check out Robinsons Malls All-Out Clearance Sale one of these days, I'm pretty sure you'll come up with your own great finds. You might want to drop by Robinsons Malls Facebook Page too.

Robinsons Malls All-Out Clearance Sale
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