Manny Pacquiao for Sony Bravia 3D TV

I witnessed something momentous last August 11, 2010 at the New World Renaissance Hotel. Sony Philippines signed boxing legend Manny Pacquiao as the official brand ambassador for Sony Bravia 3D TV.

Sony Philippines' Managing Director Mr. Takao Kuroda presents Manny Pacquiao with the Sony 3D TVAs a result, Manny Pacquiao became the first person in the Philippines to own a Sony Bravia 3D TV. Now I first tried this phenomenal piece of technology when it was unveiled in Boracay last February and it's really mind-blowing. You use powered 3D glasses with a gigantic screen with crystal clear images. Everything just jumps out at you.

I had the chance to play a demo version of Gran Turismo V for the Sony PS3 right before the luncheon and all I can say is wow. The Sony people are saying that a 3D boxing game with Manny Pacquiao is a definite possibility.

Manny Pacquiao for Sony 3D TVWe were allowed to ask Manny questions during the event. I asked him what he thought of the Sony 3D TV as I saw him trying it out prior to entering the venue. "Parang lumalabas pala galing sa TV ano?" he gamely answered. Manny admitted that the first Sony gadgets he ever owned were the Walkman and the Betamax -- " pinapasukan ng VHS," he candidly described, much to everyone's amusement. He's very down-to-earth, likeable, and natural. I immediately understood why so many of our countrymen idolize him.

Manny Pacquiao and Takao KurodaManny presented Sony Philippines' Managing Director Mr. Takao Kuroda with an autographed Team Pacquiao jacket while the latter gave Manny a Sony 3D TV jacket. They also put on the Sony 3D TV glasses for a photo op.

Although I was not able to have a photo taken with the people's champ, I still consider myself fortunate for having the opportunity to meet him and talk to him. :)

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