Pond's Cold Cream for removing eye make-up...

I remember the heavy white porcelain jar on my mother's dresser when I was a little girl. She'd open it and apply the thick white cream on her face to remove the day's make-up, dirt, and grime. I can still remember how it smelled like.

Pond's Perfect Care Cold CreamThat jar was Pond's Cold Cream. I got my own jar recently and was surprised at how light it is now. The porcelain has been replaced by plastic.

Pond's Perfect Care Cold CreamOpening the jar revealed the familiar scent, although it's now a tad more fragrant.

A dab of Pond's Cold CreamPond's Cold Cream has a thick and rich texture that's a lot less greasy than how I remember it from my childhood. I used to open my mom's jar and see tiny puddles of oil on the cream's surface. The present formulation is just creamy, not oily.

Eye make-up remover?
Fellow bloggers told me that Pond's is really good for removing eye make-up. I normally use Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and my fingers to do so, but I thought I'd try Pond's Cold Cream for a change.

Removing eye make-up with Pond's Cold CreamI dabbed some cream all over my eyelid that had eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I massaged the area a bit, tissued off, then rinsed with water.

Make-up free eyes by Pond's Cold Cream...and voila! Make-up free eyes in a jiffy. Pond's Cold Cream probably costs less than 10% of my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil's Philippine price too -- which should be around P5,000 since I have the big pump. It's even easier to remove foundation, powder, blush, etc. from the rest of your face with this.

Pond's White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam and CreamI'm feeling generous so I'm raffling off this Pond's White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam and Lightening Facial Cream.

All you have to do is post a comment here or at my Ponds + Plains & Prints post. It's really easy:
Each person can get a maximum of three (3) raffle entries since you can only comment once per post. In true Pond's tradition, I will draw the winner in 7 DAYS... July 17, 2010. Raffle is open to all Philippine residents, even provincial ones. I'll ship the prize to the winner.

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