ibayo by Barrio Fiesta at San Miguel by the Bay

We were invited to a Filipino food feast at ibayo by Barrio Fiesta last July 21, 2010. While Barrio Fiesta has been a household name that's tantamount to classic Pinoy cuisine through the years, one can consider ibayo as the next-gen Barrio Fiesta. It is the brainchild of brothers Tristan and Tyrone Ongpauco.

Nilagang Bulalo at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaSince it was a rainy evening, I decided to start off with a bowl of Nilagang Bulalo (P275, pictured above) to warm me up. I liked the flavorful beef broth that had sweet bananas as an added treat. I quite enjoyed the flavor contrast.

Crispy Pata at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaWe also shared an order of Crispy Pata (P480, pictured above), which is a house specialty. It was nice and crunchy outside, tender and meaty inside. I just had a very small piece since since there was a lot of food to sample.

Ibayo White Adobo at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaIbayo White Adobo (P280, pictured above) is one of ibayo's signature dishes. It is comprised of chicken and pork and it's cooked without using soy sauce. It's very tasty. :D

Barrio Fiesta Rice at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaBarrio Fiesta Rice (P250, pictured above) came in a small bilao. It's kind of like paella except that it's less saucy. It's topped with squid rings, mussels, prawns, and a crab.

Pusit at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaPusit (P199, pictured above) was one of the dishes I liked best. It's just grilled and sliced squid but I really liked it. :)

Kare-Kare at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaKare-Kare (P220 regular size / P350 family size, pictured above) was served in a clay pot with a tiny dish of bagoong (shrimp paste) on the side. I don't really fancy eating oxtail and tripe so I just had the vegetables and peanut sauce with a little bagoong.

Majablanco at Ibayo by Barrio FiestaFor dessert I tried some Majablanco (P65, pictured above). It was creamy in texture and you can clearly taste the corn.

Want to try ibayo by Barrio Fiesta for yourself? Well, you're in luck. My buddy Mrs. Martinez and I are giving away P1,000 worth of ibayo GCs. Check out the mechanics below:
  1. Pick any dish featured on this post and tell me why you want to try it via posting a comment. Indicate your full name and email address.

  2. Go on over to Mrs. Martinez's ibayo post and do the same -- meaning, pick out a dish you want to try from her post and then post a comment indicating your full name and email address.

  3. Mrs. Martinez and I will jointly raffle off P1k worth of GCs for one winner. P500 from me, P500 from Mrs Martinez.

  4. You must post in both of our blogs to qualify.

  5. The online raffle will be conducted on August 15, 2010 via the randomizer. This contest is open to residents of the Philippines, if you live in the province please be advised that you can redeem this only at Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. We will ship the GCs to the winner.
ibayo by Barrio Fiesta
San Miguel by the Bay,
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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