Proactiv Solution now in the Philippines!

Since my mom is based in the United States, we often go there for vacations. One TV infomercial that has always caught our attention is that of Proactiv Solution's.

Proactiv Solution 3-Step SystemProactiv Solution did more than just promise to get rid of blemishes with regular use, it also showed convincing before and after photos of its users. Of course, it also helps that stars like Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and Mandy Moore swear by it. My hubby, who has been waging an ongoing war with blemishes ever since his teenage days, has always wanted to try it. Problem was, it wasn't very convenient because we'd catch the infomercial late at night and we had no way of knowing if they could actually ship it to us before our trip back to the Philippines.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Proactiv Solution has finally found its way onto Philippine shores. I got that testimonial video above from their YouTube channel. Proactiv is different from spot treatments that one would usually apply to get rid of pimples. It's a 3-step skincare system which cleanses, tones, and moisturizes your skin. It improves your the way your skin looks and feels even if you don't have an acne problem. It's not some bogus home TV shopping gimmick, the products were formulated by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathie Fields. Proactiv works!

If you're a Philippine-resident, you can easily purchase Proactiv Solution from What's more, you can get discounts for a limited time by using the following codes:
  • Get P150 discount from the 30-day kit. Code is PA301
  • Get P300 discount from the 60-day kit. Code is PA601
Ordering Proactiv Solution
Ordering is easy. Just create an account, log in, and then proceed to the Products and Promos section. Click on the Order Now button and you'll be taken to your shopping cart. Click checkout and fill in the form with the appropriate information. There will be a space provided where you can key in the promotional codes from this blog to get a discount. You can opt to pay via credit card or cash on delivery.

There's really nothing to lose because shipping is free and Proactiv Solution will give you your money back in case you're not happy with the products.

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