Today is Globe 4438 Day! 4438 finally revealed...

I received the long-awaited Globe 4438 message from on my cellphone today. I was expecting it to come earlier though, I didn't think I'd receive it by 7pm at night. We were all kept guessing as to what 4438 stands for and now it's finally out in the open.

Globe 4438 text messageToday, April 4, 2010, is a truly special day for all Globe postpaid, prepaid, Tattoo, and TM subscribers. If you've been one forever like I've been -- I got my Globe postpaid account way back in the late 90s -- then you'll be just as thrilled as I am by My Rewards.My Globe (TM Astig Rewards for TM subscribers) that was just launched today.

Aside from the usual free call/text services, you can avail of gift certificates and passes from establishments like Jollibee, Duty Free, Manila Ocean Park, Enchanted Kingdom, and Avilon Zoo. Travellers can earn PAL miles for both local and international destinations. There are even gadgets like iPod, Nintendo DS, Canon digicams, LCD TVs, DVD players, and WOW Magic Sing microphones up for redemption.

You don't even need reload or redeem points for some of the other treats Globe has in store. Discounts and freebies from brands like Folded & Hung, Ipanema, and SODA abound, in addition to establishments like David's Salon, Timezone, Fully Booked, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KFC, and Karate Kid among scores of others. Just being on Globe gets you special deals from Blims, Automatic Center, Digital Walker, and Western Marketing.

Did I mention services? You can also get free services and discounts from American Eye Center, Ideal Vision, and L'Optique.

According to Globe's Chief Marketing Officer Menchi Orlina, this is just their way of thanking their 25 million subscribers. "We have designed this program so that there is something for everyone, whether you are on Globe, TM, or Tattoo. We want to show our loyal subscribers that being Globe-connected is a truly rewarding experience.”

All that being said, 4438 is the number to remember if you're a Globe, Tattoo, or TM subscriber. Don't delay, go get those rewards from Globe today! Just text REWARDS to 4438.

I wonder what over a decade of being Globe subscriber will get me? :D

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