Gurts by Pancake House

Sometime last week, my son and I were waiting for his turn at the ophthalmologist in Medical City. He was patient #11, but when we got there the doctor was still looking at patient #2. Since it was going to be a long wait I suggested that we go down first and find someplace to hang out.

Gurts frozen yogurt in Crispy Brazo De Mercedes at Pancake HousePancake House was the first establishment we came across when we went down the ground floor. My son said he was hungry so we decided to go inside for a little snack. We had omelets -- nothing really exciting. But then I was being called by the colorful Gurts menu on our table. Gurts is Pancake House's frozen yogurt. There were a lot of interesting concoctions but at last we decided to share a cup of Crispy Brazo De Mercedes (P125, pictured above).

Crispy Brazo De Mercedes by GurtsOur frozen yogurt was generously topped with sweet, sticky, and chewy pastillas (Filipino milk candy) chunks, light and crispy meringue, and powdered sugar. I was actually afraid that it might be too sweet but I thought it was worth trying since it was the most unique creation in the menu.

It was sooo yummy. The sweet toppings complemented the froyo's tartness perfectly. The yogurt's texture was quite thick and creamy. A good way to enjoy it would be to incorporate both the yogurt and some of the toppings in every spoonful.

The yogurt is 98% fat-free but the toppings are not. Try it at a Pancake House near you! :p

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