Unethical handling of blogger registration information?

I recently went to an event with a female blogger friend. We signed registration forms wherein we had to put our names, emails, and contact nos. She was a little apprehensive since she was still pretty new at this. She asked me what number I was going to put. I jokingly told her that for this particular event I was just going to jot down my "disposable" prepaid Sun cellular number.

I call it disposable because:

1. It's pre-paid.
2. It's generally for office use, so I use it to contact our secretary, the messenger, etc.
3. I can easily throw it away and change it should I start getting crank callers and such -- after all I save all the contact info on the phone itself and not the sim.

Ah but she didn't have a "disposable" number like I did. She only had one cellphone number and it was a postpaid account. I told her signing a registration form during blogger events is normal, and it was a big, well-known company that was holding the event. Thus she gingerly jotted down her number.

Here's the thing... the guy who was in charge, who officially represented the company during the event, texted her at an ungodly hour when the whole country is probably asleep and it was a personal message.

I will not name names, but normally when a PR agency handles an event we don't get this kind of well... side effect. What should be done when this sort of thing happens? Should we report the person concerned to the company? Should we tell the person who invited us about what had transpired after? My friend just wants to let it go, and since I am not the one who was directly affected all I can do is share with my fellow bloggers and readers. Yes dear readers, this can happen to you too when you attend events that require you to write down your personal information at registration.

As for me, I'm so turned off I will probably refrain from attending this particular series of events next time.

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