Sony PS3 and PSP are officially in the Philippines!

If there's something I love as much as food, it's video games.

Rejoice video game fans, addicts, and fanatics... Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) are now officially in the Philippines!

Sony Playstation Portable PSP and Sony Playstation 3 PS3Sony Philippines launched the Sony Playstation 3 and Sony Playstation Portable along with a few games last March 27, 2010. Okay, I know that sounds weird considering die-hard video game fanatics like me have bought everything from the original Sony Playstation PS1 onwards (Greenhills, anyone?). It's true though, it's only NOW that Sony Philippines is officially carrying the Playstation here in our country. Observe the cosplaying models above posing with the PSP (girl on the left) and PS3 (girl on the right). These consoles can be bought from Sony Centres nationwide.

Sony Playstation 3 PS3The Sony Playstation 3 or PS3 retails for P18,999 (120GB model) and P20,999 (250GB model). Buying from a Sony Centre gives you the benefit of having a full one year warranty. Since there are no mods or pirated/fake game discs anyway, why not get an official unit? I'm so thrilled because I'm actually in the market for a PS3.

Sony Playstation Portable PSPSony Playstation Portable PSP in different colors
Meanwhile, the Sony Playstation Portable or PSP retails for P9,999. It's available in a wide array of bright, funky, and pretty colors.

Final Fantasy XIII 13 for Sony Playstation 3 PS3The event climax for me was the unveiling of the Final Fantasy XIII. This is my favorite RPG (Role-Playing Game) series of all time, I actually played the first Final Fantasy on the first generation Nintendo Gameboy. It was in monochrome and it was called Final Fantasy Legend. I played all the games up to Final Fantasy XII on the Sony Playstation 2 or PS2. Let's just say I got goosebumps watching scenes from Final Fantasy XIII on the huge LED screen during the launch. It was breathtaking! I am so fortunate for having been among those who witnessed this momentous occasion.

Final Fantasy XIII 13 for Sony Playstation 3 PS3Final Fantasy XIII retails for P2,699. You can buy it at Sony Centres and Game Xtreme outlets. Not bad considering it sells for a little over US$50 in the US.

Sony cosplay models, Sackboy, and Sony officialsI actually got to grill Sony Philippines and Sony Asia officials regarding the PS3 since I have a few concerns.
  • Will it be able to play games from the United States? What about from other Asian countries?
  • Is it backward compatible? Can it play my original Sony PS1 and Ps2 games?
I was told that the official unit assigned to the Philippines is the Asian version, which is the same as those you would find in eight other Asian countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.). So in effect, if you buy games from those countries (except Japan), they would work. They were pretty iffy about the US versions though as Sony highly discourages buying outside your region. I was told that the discs would play, but they cannot guarantee the playability.

Since the PS3 doubles as a Blu-Ray DVD player, it is not backward compatible. It cannot play games for older Playstation consoles. Too bad. I have some original Sony PS1 and PS2 games which I really love... whereas our Nintendo Wii can play Nintendo Gamecube games without a hitch. :p

Animetric meets Little Big Planet's SackboyAnyhow, I caught up with Little Big Planet's Sackboy during the launch. That guy jumps around a lot and so I had to really hold onto his hand so I could have a photo op. It's blurred because he won't stop moving!

I'm definitely getting a Sony Playstation 3. In fact I've already won a couple of auctions for the PS3 games Katamari Forever and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Final Fantasy XIII, you will be mine too!

Thank you so much to Sony Philippines and VPRI for letting me be a part of this! :D

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