Homestyle goodness at The Frazzled Cook

At first glance, you'd think The Frazzled Cook was an antique store and curio shop rather than a restaurant.

Inside The Frazzled CookNo two chairs are the same. Lighting is provided by overhead lamps in different shapes, sizes, and wrappings. Shelves are lined with books new and old, toys, and other quirky ornaments. Walls are decorated with an antiquated headboard, mirrors, and paintings among others. The Frazzled Cook is truly a one-of-a-kind place.

I was part of the food blogger group invited by The Frazzled Cook to sample its homestyle dishes. "What we have here is simple food. Comfort food -- the type you'd cook at home," says Chef Jude Mancuyas (yes, that Chef Jude of Fat Michael's). "Lutong bahay, but then some would say kung lutong bahay bakit sa bahay di kami ganyan magluto?" I actually asked myself the same question.

Herbed Chicken Salad at The Frazzled CookWe started off with the Herbed Chicken Salad (P275, pictured above), which are mixed greens with a tangy and citrusy basil vinaigrette dressing. It comes with grilled sliced chicken breast and is perfectly accented with candied fruit. Delicious!

Pizza Caprese at The Frazzled CookWe also had Pizza Caprese (P270, pictured above). Homemade pizza crust topped with lots of cheese, big ripe tomato slices, and kesong puti. It is served with a small pitcher of spicy garlic oil on the side which you're supposed to drizzle over your pizza slice. This dish gets a big thumbs up from me too. :D

Sizzling Squid at The Frazzled CookSizzling Squid (P450, pictured above) was another flavorful offering. It is served with mango salsa, my problem with this is it's such a small appetizer that commands almost P500.

Paella Seafood at The Frazzled CookWe had two types of Paella -- Paella Seafood (P500, pictured above) and Paella Negra (P625, not pictured here). The Paella servings are huge, and albeit there were more than a dozen of us we were not able to finish them. Of the two, I'd say the Paella Negra is the better option. I normally steer clear of squid ink rice because of a bad experience before but everyone on the table convinced me to try this one because it made them all go "Mmmm...". And an excellent Paella Negra it was. The Frazzled Cook's squid ink rice has a rich taste that goes very well with the chorizo slices that top it.

Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potatoes on Flat Bread at The Frazzled CookTenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potatoes on Flat Bread (P350, pictured above) was another favorite of the group. The beef cubes were tender but I found them too salty. The flat bread tasted like pie crust, which is not a bad thing. Overall though, I wasn't really impressed.

Pancake ala Mode at the Frazzled CookFor dessert, we had Pancake ala Mode (P180, pictured above). This is the dessert that Chef Jude always recommends because it is made from scratch using their own secret recipe. The pancake is thick and chewy topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and cinnamon powder. The combination of the warm pancake, cold ice cream, thick syrup, and cinammon is surprisingly addictive... although I couldn't help but think I can probably pull this off at home. :)

The Frazzled Cook is open from Tuesdays to Sundays 11am onwards, the kitchen closes at 10pm although patrons are free to stick around afterwards.

The Frazzled Cook
916 Luna Mencias St., Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
782-5980 / 0929-1502222

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