Monday, August 31, 2009

The Stock Market at Bonifacio High Street

*This establishment is now CLOSED.

Upon hearing the name, you'd half-expect some sort of Wall Street themed-restaurant with grey interiors and lots of LCD monitors showing Bloomberg and business news. The Stock Market isn't anything like that at all. Owned by Del Monte Philippines, this pineapple-themed restaurant doubles as a deli and grocer as well.

I haven't been to The Stock Market in a while but I have good memories of the place so when one of our friends decided to celebrate her birthday there, I was really looking forward to it.

The Stock Market Bonifacio High StreetFor starters we had a couple of their Flatbread Pizzas with Arugula -- Prosciutto, Pineapple, and Mozzarella (P340, pictured above right) and Neapolitan Sauce, Italian Sausage, Mushroom, and Mozzarella(P329, pictured below right). The freshly baked flatbread pizzas had really thin, crisp, and greaseless crusts so the you can really savor the toppings. I was rather disappointed with the fresh pineapple chunks because they were very dry, bland, and tasteless, with nary a hint of the sweet-sour pineapple taste we usually crave for.

The Stock Market Bonifacio High StreetWe also ordered Stock Market Fresh Harvest Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette (P240,pictured above left). The same bland pineapple chunks were in it. I've had this salad before and I remember being totally blown away by the taste. It wasn't just the bland pineapples, they seem to also have lessened the vinaigrette. The salad was still okay but it was nowhere near the caliber of what I previously had. The Neapolitan Flatbread Pizza was a lot more flavorful and better received by the group compared to the Prosciutto, Pineapple, and Mozzarella.

The Stock Market Bonifacio High StreetFor my main dish, I decided to settle for Spice Crusted Sea Bass with Cilantro Cream, Smoked Pepper Mayonnaise, and Frisco Slaw (P795, pictured above left). The sea bass was baked with curry powder and other spices on top. It was okay, albeit the description makes it sound a lot better than it actually is. The quality of the raw ingredients is undeniably top-notch, it's just that put together the whole dish just didn't strike me as very special. Our friend then ordered Pan-Fried Cod Cakes with Corn Chowder Sauce (P295, pictured above right) to accompany our entrees. Kids will surely love the Cod Cakes, with its crunchy breading coating the finely flaked fish.

The Stock Market Bonifacio High StreetMeanwhile, hubby had Pan-Seared Roast Beef with Potato Gratin (P995, pictured above left), which is one of The Stock Market's signature dishes since it uses the meat from Del Monte's very own pineapple-fed cows. The beef was juicy, tender, and flavorful. Good enough for sharing, it was the hands-down favorite of our group. You can order it with a choice of Bordelaise or Foyot Sauce. For dessert, I picked the Creamy Banana Trifle with Billowy Meringue and Hot Fudge Sauce (P160, pictured above right). You can actually order FIC ice cream and yogurt concoctions since The Ice Cream Bar by FIC just opened inside The Stock Market, but I wanted to complete my Stock Market experience so I refrained from ordering an FIC dessert. The dessert was not very good, consisting of heavily drenched but dry spongecake pieces, banana slices, and sweet liquids inside the glass. The chocolate sauce wasn't fudgy at all despite the description. It was so sweet I couldn't even finish half of it. Next time I'll go back to having their foolproof Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream (also P160).

I love The Stock Market's quaint pineapple-themed interiors. It's a very photogenic place inside and out. Service is also excellent -- the servers were very attentive even if it was a full house and we were inside a function room.

Take note that this establishment gets really full so it's best to reserve before you go. Del Monte Pineapple Juice and Four Seasons Drink are bottomless, and you can avail of a function room for a minimum order worth at least P6,000.

The Stock Market
B1/B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
8566300 to 01

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Canon 3-Day Heroes' Weekend Sale!

Canon 3-Day Heroes' Weekend Sale!Enjoy special promos, big discounts, and freebies on digital cameras, video camcorders, and accessories!


Canon PhotoDV ZR900 Camcorder
Original Price: Php 19,950
Sale Price: Php 10,950
SAVE Php 9,000!

Canon PhotoDV DC310 Camcorder
Sale Price: Php 24,950
Free! PowerShot A470 Digital Camera!

Pick a prize with every purchase! Illusion lens, SD cards, scrapbooking kits, tripods and lots more!

These are just samples of the many great promos up for grabs as Canon pays tribute to modern day heroes! Rush to The Tiendesitas Delicacies Village Lobby on August 29-31, 1:00pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday to Monday.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A taste of Yaku Japanese Grill

Yaku Japanese Grill at The Podium showcased an array of sumptuous Japanese dishes in line with the launching of Hello Kitty Online Philippines last August 20, 2009.

Moriawase - assorted sashimi and California Maki at Yaku Japanese GrillFor starters, Moriawase or assorted sashimi (P282.24, pictured above left) and California Maki (P126, pictured above right) were served. Moriawase consisted of raw salmon, tuna, squid, sea urchin, and crab sticks. I loved the fresh raw salmon which was sliced to just the right thickness. For some reason no one at our table dared to touch the urchin.

Seafood Teppanyaki and Age Gyoza at Yaku Japanese GrillNext up were the Seafood Teppanyaki (P262.08, pictured above left) and Age Gyoza (P110.80, pictured above right). Seafood Teppanyaki was very flavorful. It consisted of shrimp, squid rings, scallops, fish, and mixed veggies like asparagus spears and leeks. The serving was kind of small though, I had the feeling that there were a lot of empty spaces on the dish. Age Gyoza is deep fried meat dumpling. There are five pieces per serving which is quite fair considering the price. Age Gyoza is very crunchy and meaty, served hot off the frying pan. We were served plain rice to go along with all the dishes but sad to say this Japanese restaurant doesn't use Japanese rice. It really was just plain and dry steamed rice. If it's something I learned from my food gigs at before, it's that IT MATTERS if a Japanese restaurant uses Japanese rice. At the very least they could use dinorado. Plain, dry rice just doesn't go well with Japanese dishes.

Yaku Platter and Zuteki at Yaku Japanese GrillYaku Japanese Grill's specialty, the Yaku Platter (P186.48, pictured above left) which is assorted yakitori, was served next along with Zuteki (P252, pictured above right) or Beef Tenderloin Teppanyaki. Yaku Platter contains five different yakitori -- from front to back: Gindara (fish), Butabara (pork), Asparamaki (asparagus), Uzura (quail eggs), Okura (okra), and Negima (chicken). The Gindara yakitori was divine. It was very soft and succulent. I actually find myself craving for it. Zuteki was very tender and tasty, my only complaint being the beansprouts served on the side were raw.

Wasabi Ice Cream and Mixed Fruits at Yaku Japanese GrillFor dessert, we had Wasabi Ice Cream (P60.48, pictured above left) and Mixed Fruits (P60.48, pictured above right). Topped with fresh mango strips, the Wasabi Ice Cream was a tastebud tickler as it was hot (as in spicy) and cold at the same time. The Mixed Fruits' orange, apple, and watermelon slices were sweet and refreshing.

I must commend the Yaku Japanese Grill staff for being very pleasant and accommodating throughout the event. They were more than happy to entertain my questions about the food that was being served and they seemed always ready to assist us.

If you're looking for something new to try at The Podium, Yaku Japanese Grill is one place to consider. The place is quite dim so it's rather conducive to dates and such.

Yaku Japanese Grill
3/F The Podium Mall
ADB Ave., Mandaluyong City

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skycable Fun Club's Kids Play Day 2!

Skycable Fun Club held its Kids Play Day 2 at the Rockwell Tent last August 22, 2009. Members were treated to fun activities, games, raffle prizes, and shows. Yummy snacks from Potato Corner, Waffle Time, and Selecta ice cream were also distributed throughout the event.

Wanlu the Ventriloquist at Skycable Fun Club Kids Play Day 2Wanlu the Ventriloquist performed a comical routine with his puppet Niccolo, an Elvis Presley marionette, and two volunteer dads from the audience.

Booth activities included Gakken Science Experiments, Fotoloco photos, a karaoke video booth where you can transform yourself into a bobblehead music video star, a Worlds of Fun arcade game and ride, toys and art activities from Dave's Fun House, and inflatables. A magic show capped off an afternoon of fun and play.

Loot from Skycable Fun Club's Kids Play Day 2Attendees got to take home loot bags, prizes, and freebies from event sponsors.

Are you a Skycable subscriber? If you are, you can enroll your kids aged 2-11 years old in the Skycable Fun Club for FREE! Just call 631-0000. Not only do Skycable Fun Club members get exclusive invites to events like these, they also get gift packs on their birthday month. Best of all, it's all FREE so long as you are a Skycable subscriber in good standing. :D

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Online comes to the Philippines!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a video game junkie. You name it, I've played it -- whatever console or platform, be it online or offline. Thus when I got an invitation to attend the launch of Hello Kitty Online Philippines, I was super excited to say the least.

Hello Kitty Online HKO MMORPG Hello Kitty Online HKO MMORPGHello Kitty and Sanrio fans unite! Thanks to Level Up Games, the same company who brought us Ragnarok Online, possibly the cutest MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) ever is now in the Philippines.

Hello Kitty Online HKO PhilippinesUnlike Ragnarok Online, Hello Kitty Online is targeted to younger female players aged 10 years old and above. Install the game in your computer, make sure you have internet access, create your account, and you're good to go. The first thing you have to do is create your own character. You can customize everything from the name, gender, and blood type to the physical characteristics like skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle.

Hello Kitty Online MMORPG Hello Kitty Online HKO MMORPG Hello Kitty Online HKO Philippines MMORPGAfter you create your character, you get to explore Sanrio World. There's a built-in world map to guide you in your travels. Basically, you talk to NPC's (Non-Playable Characters) in the game like Pochacco, Usahana, and other Sanrio characters and you do quests to earn rewards. There are also simulation games like farming and crafting, arcade-type mini-games like surfing, and interaction with other players via the chat window. It's a very cute and addictive game which will surely have you glued to your seat in front of the PC till the wee hours.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Affordable anti-aging in a bottle with Celeteque Advanced!

Unilab launched its latest breakthrough in anti-aging technology, Celeteque Advanced, last August 15, 2009 at Mag:Net Café.

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial MoisturizerCeleteque Advanced claims that you can have up to 92% less fine lines after 6 weeks of usage. Sounds good to me, I am after all turning 35 this year, so I need all the anti-aging aids I can get.

Celeteque Advanced poster and magnifying glassOver 50 women tested Celeteque Advanced and swear by the results. A few gave their testimonials at the launch event. When I got home, I found a magnifying glass included with the Celeteque Advanced kits we were given for our very own True Results Challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn't really see my own eye area too well holding it up against a mirror, so I just opted to take a macro self-portrait using a digicam (see photo below).

Animetric's eye up closeHmmm... looking at my almost 35-year old eye area, I don't seem to have crow's feet or visible lines just yet... still, as they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. I slathered Celeteque Advanced all over my face, concentrating on wrinkle-prone areas around the eyes and mouth. I loved that it was non-greasy and scentless. As to how effective it is, I don't think I can judge even after six weeks since I don't seem to have visible lines yet.

Celeteque Advanced ingredientsAnother good thing about Celeteque Advanced is the absence of those scary ingredients called parabens. Studies have linked parabens with breast cancer among others. If you look at the ingredients of most toiletries (shampoos, lotions, soaps, make-up, etc), most of them have parabens since parabens are preservatives. This is why organics are now gaining popularity, more and more people are steering clear of parabens. Celeteque Advanced is very affordable at P600 per bottle too.

To give you a better idea of what Celeteque Advanced does, check out this video:

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

DarkStar Adventure at Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center!

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center held the Gala Premiere of DarkStar Adventure last August 15, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Gala premiere of DarkStar Adventure at Nido Science Discovery Center
Dr. Armando Lee discusses stars and DarkStar Adventure posterDr. Armando Lee (pictured above, left), contributing editor of the Philippine Journal of Astronomy, gave a brief lecture about stars prior to the screening. Raffle prizes were also given away by sponsors, while all attendees were treated to some light snacks.

Snacks and drinks at the DarkStar Adventure Gala Premiere
Nido Science Discovery promotional poster and official mascots Dr. Bunsen Burner with SidekickNido Science Discovery Center's official mascots Dr. Bunsen Burner and Sidekick were introduced. Guests were given photo opportunities with the mascots while Nido's ongoing promo for free passes was announced. Purchasing specially marked Nido Fortified or Nido 3+ packs will give Nido drinkers either big discounts or free entrance to the Nido Science Discovery Center.

DarkStar Adventure is a 30-minute animated feature about a young girl named Subrah who gets left behind a dying planet by accident. Subrah needs to rely on everything she learned about science from her father in order to survive. It is shown inside the Planetarium of Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center, so the experience is all-encompassing.

Although I thought Subrah looked more alien than a human (they really should take some 3D animation pointers from the Japanese), I have mostly positive things to say about DarkStar Adventure. My 8-year old son thoroughly enjoyed the feature and I felt it effectively introduced the whole concept of stars and outer space to him. It was pretty wild to have a kid stuck in a planet that's about to be devoured by a supernova, but that just made it more exciting for the children in the audience.

For DarkStar Adventure screening schedules and ticket reservations, call 556-2153.

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center,
SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex,
Pasay City 1300, Philippines

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chit-chat with Senator Chiz Escudero!

I say it again and again... I don't do politics.

When I got an invitation to an informal little gathering with Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero, it was too hard to refuse. The time and location were very, very convenient. Besides, when would I ever get the chance to meet and talk to someone I actually voted for in the last election? Alas there was one rule that night: No politicking!

And there I was wanting to ask about his advocacies, goals, and platforms. Scratch that. Let's do food, travel, and ordinary people stuff like favorite places to go and things to do.

We went in by groups to meet Senator Chiz. I was with the first group -- the Food and Travel group. Chiz asked us to introduce ourselves and made it a point to refer to each one of us by our first name throughout the whole conversation. He made it known that smoking was his one and only bisyo. It was for most part a very snappy and casual Q&A session. It's pretty "slumbook"-like but these are the trivial little food and travel-related things we learned about the senator more popularly known as Chiz.

Favorite restaurants? Taste of LA, Katre, Alfredo's, Max's, and Zensho.
Favorite cuisine? Japanese.
Favorite Japanese restaurant? Tsukiji -- pero kung meron lang manlilibre!
Favorite Philippine delicacy? Lechon Cebu, Bagnet, Dulong, Sisig. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to food.
Favorite Philippine vacation destination? Sorsogon.
Do you like travelling abroad? No. I'm claustrophobic so I'm not fond of airplanes.
What airline do you usually take for domestic flights? PAL. (He was quick to say it.) Cebu Pacific... or whatever's available. (He added this sentence as more of an afterthought.) :p

There were two specific questions I asked to which his answers amused me.

Me: "How would you describe yourself?"
Chiz: "Average."
Me: "Average???"
Chiz: "Well, can you tell me why I'm not average?"
Me: *speechless*
Chiz: "I rest my case."


Me: "What do you do on an ordinary Sunday?"
Chiz: "Wake up late... I wake up early every single day, including Saturday, so Sunday is the only day I can sleep as long as I want."
Chiz: "Wake up late, go to mass, have lunch with the in-laws, go to the mall, then have dinner with my side of the family..."
Me: "Your favorite mall?"
Chiz: "Shangri-la Plaza Mall"

Me, Monique, Chiz, Eric, and IrisThere was a lot more said. A lot more questions asked and answered. What struck me most was how simple and unpretentious Chiz was. He actually reminded me of my friends from UP. You can't fake that kind of unassuming air.

Me: "La Salle or Ateneo?"
Chiz: "I'm from UP so sabi namin ipaubaya na natin ang sports sa kanila... hahaha."

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Friday, August 14, 2009

New treats at Goodies n' Sweets!

This weekend, Goodies n' Sweets will be unveiling its new menu featuring new appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, and pasta dishes! I was one of the fortunate ones to have been given a preview of what's coming...

Artichoke and Spinach Dip and Cheese Sampler at Goodies n' SweetsChef Aileen Anastacio of Goodies n' Sweets started us off with Artichoke and Spinach Dip served with Crostini (P160, pictured above left). I loved cheesy flavor and chewy texture. It went perfectly with the crunchy crostini. In fact, I liked it so much I ended up spreading it on the breads that were served with the Cheese Sampler (pictured above right). I didn't see the Cheese Sampler in the menu but the dish consisted of Goodies n' Sweets' very own freshly baked Focaccia Bread served with Marinated Feta and Herb Cheese Dips.

Cheese Quesadilla and Grilled Chorizo and Cheese Sandwich at Goodies n' SweetsNext up were the quesadillas and sandwiches. There are two kinds of quesadillas -- Cheese Quesadilla (P110, pictured above left) and Chicken Quesadilla (P160). Quesadillas are served with nacho chips and a small bowl of tomato salsa. A little on the spicy side, the Chicken Quesadilla's filling consisted mainly of tomatoes and chicken bits but is creamy at the same time. For the sandwiches, we were served the Cheddar, Bacon, and Tomato (P180) and Grilled Chorizo and Cheese (P195, pictured above right). The sandwiches are served with potato salad on the side. When ordering Cheddar, Bacon, and Tomato, you will have to specify to your server if you want the bacon crunchy. Both sandwiches are very flavorful and filling, but the Grilled Chorizo and Cheese was the hands down group favorite.

Chorizo & Garlic Pasta and Chicken & Mushroom Pasta at Goodies n' SweetsJust when I thought we couldn't eat anymore, the four new pastas were served: Pasta Mozarella (P230), Chorizo & Garlic Pasta (P245, pictured above left), Chicken & Mushroom Pasta (P195, pictured above right), Pesto Pasta (P195). The group favorites were the Chicken & Mushroom Pasta and the Pesto Pasta. I liked Chorizo & Garlic Pasta, which is also Chef Aileen's personal favorite, but everyone agreed it was a tad too salty at the time of the food-tasting. Chef Aileen promised to tone it down a bit so it should be perfect by this weekend. Kids will surely love the cream-based Chicken & Mushroom Pasta. It's not too rich that it'll make you feel umay, but personally I prefer something more savory so my vote still goes to Chorizo & Garlic Pasta.

Although there aren't any new desserts being introduced, Chef Aileen let us sample her bestsellers at Goodies n' Sweets. Ube Cake (P120 for an individual serving) was the most unforgettable dessert that was served, albeit ironically it was the one I failed to take a good photo of since everyone was too excited to dig in. It had the lightest ube chiffon, the creamiest ube icing, and it was really just the most heavenly ube cake I've ever tasted. I never thought light, creamy, and rich could all exist in one cake but here it is! I swear I'll have my mom and all my other balikbayan relatives have some of Goodies n' Sweets' Ube Cake the next time they come here.

Decadence Cake and Chocnut Ice Cream at Goodies n' SweetsI also loved Decadence (P130, pictured above left). It was rich, moist, and very chocolatey but it wasn't too sweet. It was just perfect. I was surprised to find out that Goodies n' Sweets also makes their own ice cream. They have two exclusive homemade flavors -- Chocnut (pictured above right) and Oreo. A scoop costs P60.

Mochamisu and Banoffee at Goodies n' SweetsMochamisu (P165, pictured above left) and the all-time customer favorite Banoffee (P140, pictured above right) capped off our yummy afternoon at Goodies n' Sweets. Mochamisu is like a reverse tiramisu, using chocolate spongecake layers drenched in Bailey's Irish Cream filled with mocha marscapone cream. Banoffee is the classic chocolate, toffee, and banana-filled pie. If I could eat anything and not gain a pound I really would have had more of the desserts...

Thanks to Chef Aileen for a lovely afternoon at Goodies n' Sweets. :)

Thinking of holiday gifts? Chef Aileen can customize delicious treats for your friends and loved ones based on your specifications and budget. For inquiries, you can contact the store:

Goodies n' Sweets
108 Carpark Building, Greenhills Shopping Center,
San Juan City, Metro Manila
722-8740 and 722-1607

Watch out for Chef Aileen Anastacio's new show "My Favorite Recipes" on QTV this coming Monday, August 13. The show will air 3x a day, with a different recipe for each timeslot!

Weekdays - 10:30-10:40am, 11:50am-12pm, 6:10-6:20pm
Saturdays - 11:15-11:25am, 2:00-2:10pm, 8:10-8:20pm
Sundays - 11:50am-12pm, 2:00-2:10pm, 9:10-9:20pm

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family lunch at Gerry's Grill

It was a windy Sunday and it was 2pm. Our cook had taken the day off so my hubby and I decided to grab a quick lunch at Gerry's Grill Banawe branch. We had never eaten at Gerry's Grill before, it has always been Dencio's for us.

Did I just say family lunch? I know, when you say Gerry's Grill, a beer-drinking place comes to mind. That particular Sunday, the ground floor of the Banawe branch was almost deserted, and there was actually a kiddie party happening on the second floor. There wasn't anyone smoking or drinking, which was understandable since it was a Sunday afternoon.

Bangus Sisig and Chichabits at Gerry's GrillFor starters, we decided to avail of the Bangus Sisig (P165, pictured above left) which was the promotional dish of the month. Every month, Gerry's Grill would slash the price of one dish from its menu. An order of Bangus Sisig normally costs P165 but when we visited it was discounted to P115 -- a whole P50 off! So instead of having the usual sizzling pork sisig, we opted for Bangus Sisig instead. I couldn't resist an order of Chichabits (P185, pictured above right) which is Gerry's homemade chicharon. Bangus Sisig was pretty bland, with just this slight smoky flavor and a whole lot of dry bangus tidbits and chopped onions. Chichabits is another story. It was served hot and crispy-- it was actually crackling when it was set on our table. The pork rind came with a layer of toasted meat and fat. It was just so sinfully good. Even the kids wolfed it down.

Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken and Sizzling Kangkong at Gerry's GrillFor our main dishes we ordered Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken (P225, pictured above left) and Sizzling Kangkong with lots of garlic (P130, pictured above right). We also ordered garlic rice (P34 per single serve order) to go with them. Haha, we just really love garlic in case you haven't noticed by now... :p

The Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken was really crunchy and tasty. It had just the right degree of spicy flavor, our 8-year old son was able to handle it just fine. It was served with a whole lot of crunchy garlic bits and a bit of atchara on the side. Sizzling Kangkong was also excellent.

Halo-Halo Crepe at Gerry's GrillTo cap off our delicious lunch, we decided to order Gerry's Grill's new dessert -- Halo-Halo Crepe (P165, pictured above)! Traditional Halo-Halo filling like kaong, garbanzos, nangka, saba, ube, and macapuno are wrapped in lumpia wrapper, fried, and then served on a bed of gulaman and topped with strawberry ice cream and grenadine syrup. Halo-Halo Crepe is a lovely combination of varying flavors and textures, my only complaint being the melty state of the ice cream when it was served, as you can see from the photo.

Our family lunch set us back about P1,000, which isn't bad at all considering there were five of us -- hubby, myself, two kids, and yaya. It was complete from appetizer to dessert too. The serving sizes are definitely for sharing, so it's best to dine at Gerry's as a group and sample more dishes.

Service at the Banawe branch was lousy. We were the only one at the ground floor area but it took forever for things to get done. Our orders were slow to come out and it was difficult trying to get our glasses refilled. Waiters were so hard to call that in the end the manager was the one who handed us our bill after I repeatedly failed to get the attention of a waiter. They have free wifi though. Maybe other branches would fare better in terms of service? :p

If you plan on frequenting Gerry's Grill, make sure you avail of their Circle of Friends Loyalty Card. For P100, you get a card immediately. The card entitles you to a free dish with every P500 purchase at Gerry's Grill. You also earn points with the card which you can redeem for rewards.

Gerry's Grill Banawe
318 Del Monte Ave., Quezon City

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

World Class Persian Kabab

At the corner of E. Rodriguez Ave. and Tomas Morato in Quezon City is this bustling eatery that's always packed full of people. It's World Class Persian Kabab.

Pita and Chelo Kabab at World Class Persian KababTrue to its name, despite the dim and shabby interiors, the Persian fare in this restaurant is truly world class. We ordered Pita for starters (P10 per piece, pictured above left) and paired it up with an order of Hummus (P45, pictured below).

Hummus at World Class Persian KababFor the uninitiated, Hummus is a middle eastern dip made primarily of mashed chickpeas and olive oil. I've had Hummus in more expensive places like hotel buffets but World Class Persian Kabab's P45 Hummus is surprisingly the best and most savory one ever. It had this kicky garlic flavor which my companions and I really loved. It was a perfect match for the freshly baked Pita.

For the main course, I asked the server for a recommendation. She suggested the Cholo Kabab (P150, pictured above). The Cholo Kabab is a complete meal comprised of lovely long-grain Basmati rice topped with a cube of butter, Beef Tenderloin Kabab, Beef Kabab, Grilled Tomato and Onion. While all of this came in one plate, it was surprisingly filling. The beef kababs were very tender and juicy, and the grilled vegetables complemented the meat perfectly. There were also hints of Indian spices in the kababs. Buttered Basmati rice is just heavenly!

World Class Persian Kabab is unbelievably affordable. A hearty and delicious meal complete with appetizer and drink will set you back a little less than P200 per person. While the place is kind of rundown, it shouldn't discourage you from getting a taste of I repeat, their truly world class kababs. Oh and they deliver too. :D

World Class Persian Kabab
#1 E. Rodriguez Ave. cor. Tomas Morato,
Quezon City

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fish Spa at Manila Ocean Park

Fish Spa at Manila Ocean ParkAt the topmost floor of Manila Ocean Park is the Fish Spa. You can actually go straight to the Fish Spa without paying the P400 entrance fee of Manila Ocean Park. The attendants will escort you straight to the area. Of course, you can't access the exhibits if you do this. But if you've already toured the facility and just want a foot spa, then this is the way to do it.

My feet at the Manila Ocean Park's Fish SpaBasically, you pay P120, take off your footwear, and dip your feet in a shallow pool full of fish. The whole session lasts for 20 minutes. The Doctor Fish, as they are called, would nibble at your feet and eat the rough dead skin cells. It's really very ticklish at first but you get used to it after a while. There are two pools -- one with smaller fish and one with bigger fish. The bigger fish are more aggressive and get the job done more efficiently, but are quite scary to behold. Pictured above are my feet in the pool with the bigger fish.

I swear, the Fish Spa puts the traditional salon-based foot spa to shame. My feet felt incredibly smooth and clean afterwards. Relaxing and addictive, the Fish Spa is really something you should experience at least once!

The Fish Spa at Manila Ocean ParkThe Fish Spa can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Upon paying the admission fee, you will also be provided with a small towel to wipe your feet with.

They say the smellier the feet, the more fish will flock to it. :p

The first time I encountered something like this was at Underwater World in Singapore. I wasn't able to try it out then so I'm glad we also have it here at Manila Ocean Park. It's a really great activity to entertain balikbayan or foreign guests with.

Manila Ocean Park
Behind the Quirino Grandstand
Luneta, Manila, Philippines

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Free food and drinks from Tokyo Tokyo!

Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura PromoJust log on to and play any or all of the above-mentioned games to win free drinks and food items from Tokyo Tokyo!
  • Level 1 - Free regular Red Iced Tea or any Pepsi product for a purchase of any Prawn Tempura rice meal.
  • Level 2 - Free 1 pc Prawn Tempura add-on for a rice meal purchase.
  • Level 3 - Free Prawn and Vegetable Tempura rice meal for a purchase of Red Iced Tea.
Prizes will be sent once per account for every level accomplished. Each user will receive a maximum of 9 coupons. One coupon per store visit only.

Promo period is from: August 04, 2009 - October 15, 2009.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 3591, Series of 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pack-up Meals at Steak MD

*This establishment is now CLOSED.*

My first time at Steak MD was a few years ago when they first opened in Tomas Morato. Back then, my hubby and I marvelled at how the small, open-air eatery could serve such mouth-watering steaks at a little over P100 per order. We would have many many more of their delicious yet affordable steaks thereafter -- I think I've tried just about every "rub" on their menu. Rub is the term they use for the marinade or flavor of their steaks.

Pack-Up Meal #6 at Steak MDWe had a quick lunch at Steak MD sometime last week. The place is now enclosed and air-conditioned, and the steak prices have increased some. Steak MD also offers what they call "Pack-up Meals". I decided to order Pack-up Meal #6 (P300, pictured above right), which consisted of a regular cut Porterhouse Steak, your choice of rice (plain or special), buttered vegetables, and a glass of iced tea. Note that whatever you order from Steak MD, you can always request for a FREE bowl of plain soup.

Heart Rub Porterhouse Steak at Steak MDI always have the Heart Rub variant of their steak, which is garlic-based since I can't get enough of garlic. I love that their steaks always have the right doneness. They're always tender and tasty.

Buttered vegetabls at Steak MDThe buttered vegetables served on the side consisted of peas, corn kernels, and diced carrots slathered with lots of Star Margarine. Nothing great, in fact the taste and scent of Star Margarine was so overwhelming and I almost couldn't get a sense of the vegetables.

Steak MD Special Rice and Sizzling SisigGiven a choice of rice for my Pack-up Meal, I of course opted for Steak MD's Special Rice (pictured above, left). It's basically seasoned rice with lots of crunchy garlic bits on top. Hubby and I also ordered Steak MD's Sizzling Sisig (P115, pictured above right) to share along with our Pack-up Meals.

I didn't really like Steak MD's Sizzling Sisig. It was too... wet for my tastes. I prefer dry, toasted, and crunchy sisig like the one Dencio's serves.

Steak MD's Pack-up Meal prices range from P165 to P300. For P165, you get two pieces of Pork BBQ, rice, buttered vegetables, and a glass of iced tea. Aside from Porterhouse steak and Pork BBQ, other Pack-Up Meal main dish options include Sizzling Sisig, Chicken BBQ, Inihaw na Liempo, and T-Bone steak.

Steak MD
Creekside Square,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FREE sampler pack from Post-it!

Free Post-it OC sampler packGet a FREE Post-it OC sampler pack simply by registering at their site and specifying which National Bookstore branch you want to claim your gift. This offer is valid only from July 24 to September 30, 2009, so register now by clicking HERE! Absolutely no purchase necessary. :)

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Goodbye, President Cory Aquino...

President Corazon C. Aquino I normally refrain from writing about politics, politicians, and anything politically-related. It's just not my bag, so to speak. Besides, there are numerous newspapers, TV programs, and other blogs that are more qualified to do so.

Somehow all these years, former President Cory Aquino never struck me as a politician. Back in 1986, I was 12 years old. I was in 6th grade. I already had an understanding of what was happening as people marched to Edsa and People Power unfolded before my eyes. I saw her simply as someone who wanted to set the country free.

Of all the Philippine presidents whose terms I personally experienced (Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo), I can say that President Cory Aquino was the only one who did not have personal agendas. I really, truly believe that she was the only one who did not lie, cheat, and steal from the people she loved so much. Her term may not have been perfect, but she will always be the president who had nothing but the best interests of the people at heart -- and I don't know if I can ever say that of any other Philippine president in my lifetime.

Goodbye and thank you, President Cory Aquino... it is very comforting to know that you went in peace, and that you are now reunited with your husband and our creator.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pond's BIG Beauty Sale!

Pond's BIG Beauty Sale!Have you ever wanted to try out certain Pond's products but didn't quite have the budget for them? This is your chance to do so, since Pond's is slashing prices off all the above products. Imagine getting your very own Pond's Age Miracle Microdermabrasion Kit for only P389.70 -- 70% off the original P1,299 price tag!

Pond's Big Beauty Sale is from August 15 to September 15, 2009. Click HERE for the complete product list, prices, and participating outlets.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Yakimix Smokeless Grill in Pasay City

From the owners of KingOne Rotary Hot Pot comes another no-holds-barred eat-all-you-can establishment called YakiMix. If KingOne serves you the hot pot of your dreams, YakiMix gives you every kind of sushi and grilled meat you've ever imagined possible.

YakiMix Eat All You CanAside from the usual California Maki and Maguro Sushi, you also get Chicken and Apple Sushi, Spicy Salmon Sushi, Unagi Sushi, and many many other varieties.

YakiMix Eat All You CanI tried so many kinds of sushi (pictured above, left) that I can't remember all the names. Aside from the sushi section, YakiMix also has a sukiyaki station (pictured above, right), a salad bar, a short order station featuring a combination of Chinese and Japanese dishes (fried rice, noodles, sweet and sour pork, tempura... etc.), an extensive aisle of raw meat that you will cook on your table grill, a sauce-mixing area, and a dessert table with cakes, pastries, and a freezer full of Selecta popsicles and ice cream. I loved that there are a lot of anti-suya sidings like atchara, kimchi, spinach, and pickled vegetables (pictured below, right).

YakiMix Eat All You CanThe most popular of all the raw meat variants on display is definitely the US Fat Beef (pictured above, left). Other types of meat available include Spicy HK Chicken, Beef Pepper Steak, Pork Barbecue, Bacon Pork, Squid, and a whole lot more. There are at least a dozen types of marinated meat for the grilling, all you have to do is pick the ones you like and take them to your table to cook. YakiMix features smokeless table grills so you don't come out of the restaurant smelling like the food.

This is definitely a good place for carnivores to feast in, although I personally prefer KingOne Rotary Hot Pot. I find that the sushi and meat overload fills me up really fast, but it's really great value for money since an eat-all-you-can and drink-all-you-can lunch at YakiMix from Monday to Saturday costs only P499 per person. Dinners, Sunday and holiday lunches cost P580 per head -- plus an additional P55 for drink-all-you-can. Kids below 4 ft. can dine for P380 each.

YakiMix has a no leftover policy. The Leftover Price is P699 per head, so better make sure you can eat everything you get from the buffet spread. Reservations are highly recommended since the place is always jam-packed. If you do plan to walk in, make sure you do so at either 11am or 6pm sharp -- when they open for lunch and dinner.

I would like to apologize for the quality of the photos. I had to take them on the sly using my cellphone since YakiMix prohibits taking pics of their food. The waiter immediately reacted as soon as he saw me whip out my camera at the buffet area. I felt that the place is worth sharing though so I took the effort to take pics and blog about it. :)

BC 25, Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Unit 122-126, G/F SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

2/F Forum Bldg.,
270 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City
3857500 / 3328073

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