A taste of Taiwan at Feng Wei Wee

Feng Wei Wee is a little Taiwanese eatery along Wilson St. which serves great tasting and affordable home-style Chinese food. It's one of our top picks for a quick and delicious meal when we're in the area.

Feng Wei Wee interiors and Onion PizzaThe interiors are simple and brightly lit. There is a glass counter where you can pretty much point at the dish you want to order (think Chinese turo-turo). One of the more unique offerings is the Onion Pizza (P40, pictured above right) which is served with a tasty soy-based sauce. For an additional P10, they will top the Onion Pizza with a thin layer of scrambled egg. I prefer it as is, but my hubby likes it better with the egg. Onion Pizza is a great way to get your children to eat veggies -- our kids love it!

Braised Pork Rice at Feng Wei WeeAnother favorite is the Braised Pork Rice (P50, pictured above), which is steamed white rice topped with saucy ground pork. Again, it's a big hit with the kids. My 5-year old daughter, who normally shies away from meat, was able to finish one serving all by herself.

Soy Tofu at Feng Wei WeeSoy Tofu (P60, pictured above) is a good side dish for the Braised Pork Rice.

Kikiam at Feng Wei WeeWe tried the Kikiam (P80, pictured above), which is freshly fried until the outer layer is crispy and served with the most delicious chili garlic sauce I've ever tasted. Wow, if I could bottle that sauce and take it home I would.

Cuapao and Banana with Milk and Sago at Feng Wei WeeFeng Wei Wee also has the BEST Cuapao (P60, pictured above left). It's made to order so the bread is always freshly steamed when served, and the hongma (slow-cooked pork) slices are piping hot. They are quite generous with the filling as you get lots of hongma, kiamchay (mustasa pickled in salt), parsley, and chopped peanuts with sugar. So yummy, it's definitely my favorite merienda fare... I mean, I'd rather have Feng Wei Wee's cuapao than any burger from a fast-food joint any day. For dessert, there's Banana with Milk and Sago (P40, pictured above right) among other iced treats. It had caramelized saba, chewy black pearls, milk, and crushed ice. I liked it, but my son complained that the syrup had a certain bitterness.

Feng Wei Wee also serves authentic pearl milk teas at an average price of P80 per glass. Kind of pricey compared to the food prices but they are really good. The flavor of the brewed tea really comes out and it's not too sweet.

Feng Wei Wee is a great place to go if you're hankering for a good home-cooked meal but don't want to cook. Perfect for when our cook goes on vacation... :p

Feng Wei Wee
Wilson St., San Juan City

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