Hot Pot gets personal at Healthy Shabu-Shabu

My hubby and I tried Healthy Shabu-Shabu at the Podium for the first time last Dec. 19, 2009. In this age of eat-all-you-can hot pot restaurants, I was surprised that that they still sold ingredients for cooking ala carte.

Table setting at Healthy Shabu-ShabuWhat sets Healthy Shabu-Shabu apart from other hot pot places is the fact that you can order personal servings of your desired ingredient -- thus saving you from pigging out and actually living up to the name Healthy Shabu-Shabu. Check out the solo-sized cooker on the table above. Each person gets his own hot pot.

US Angus Beef Set at Healthy Shabu-ShabuThe solo hot pot servings are categorized in the menu under Individual Sets. I ordered US Angus Beef Set (P615, pictured above). The server poured hot soup stock into my pot. Afterwards, she set a plate full of raw hot pot ingredients like noodles, vegetables, fish balls, corn, etc. and 100g of thinly sliced beef in front of me. I was also given small bowls of minced garlic, sate, green onion, and chili so I can make my own hot pot sauce. If you're clueless, you can ask the server to concoct it for you. My hubby settled for the Pork Tenderloin Set (P315), which was exactly the same as what I had, except that instead of beef he got 100g of thinly sliced pork.

Ebi Tempura Rice at Healthy Shabu-ShabuIn case the Individual Sets don't satisfy your hunger, you can always order rice toppings. Hubby ordered an Ebi Tempura Rice (P195, pictured above) since he was really hungry at the time.

Healthy Shabu-Shabu is a very pricey hot pot place with lovely interiors and good service. Ordering an individual Wagyu Beef Set will set you back P1,250 -- but the meat slices are paper thin anyway so I don't think you can actually taste the difference between that and the P615 US Angus Beef Set and the P325 Beef Striploin Set. Meanwhile, an individual King Crab Set will cost you a whopping P2,595. I can't even begin to imagine how much a group meal consisting of Wagyu Beef and King Crab would cost. To be fair though, hubby and I agreed that we felt just the right level of fullness after eating an individual hot pot set at Healthy Shabu-Shabu.

But really folks, you're better off going to KingOne Rotary Hot Pot where you can get all the US beef you want and over 90 other hot pot ingredients for a very reasonable price of P499.

Healthy Shabu-Shabu
2/F The Podium
ADB Ave., Ortigas Center

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