Delicious portable pasta noodles at Goodles!

There's a new pasta place in town -- Goodles, which specializes in fresh and delicious pasta-to-go.

Goodles at Robinsons GalleriaLocated on the 4th level of Robinsons Galleria right across the cinema area, Goodles' portable pasta is a good alternative to the usual movie food fare of popcorn, chips, and burgers -- it's perfect if you're rushing to catch a flick and have no time for lunch or dinner.

Goodles portable noodles owner Sharlene TanAlthough Goodles has a dining area for customers who wish to eat there, Goodles General Manager Sharlene Tan says that Goodles aims to provide the same high-quality pasta you would normally experience at a full-service restaurant on-the-go. Prices are also lower than the usual P200-P400 you'd pay at such an establishment. All of Goodles' offerings are priced below P200, but Shar assures us that she uses no less than the finest ingredients. She doesn't use canned mushrooms and sauces, everything is fresh and concocted in her own kitchen. If Shar looks familiar, it's because she used to be the Food Editor of Summit Media's Yummy Magazine. :)

Goodles Classic with sauteed fresh mushrooms and Chill Beverage at Goodles Robinsons GalleriaFor my first taste of Goodles, I decided to order the Goodles Classic (P125, pictured above left) as recommended by Fran. It was an olive oil-based pasta with lots of juicy fresh tomato chunks, white cheese, and fresh basil. I went for the optional sauteed fresh mushrooms, which costs an additional P25. It tasted so fresh and light so it was pretty easy to polish off. In fact, I loved it so much I had the exact same thing for lunch the next day. I found the Chill orange-flavored water they serve quite intriguing too -- light and refreshing, with a bit of the soda-pop effect of soft drinks but not as strong. :)

Grape Carbonara at Goodles Robinsons GalleriaGoodles has ten different yummy pasta offerings in its menu, but I will highlight my top three faves here. Another must-try is the Grape Carbonara (P165, pictured above). Large pieces of sweet, juicy, and seedless grapes are mixed in the light and creamy white sauce. There's also a generous helping of bacon bits and mushrooms... it's easily one of the best carbonaras I've ever had. My daughter, who hates fruits and pasta, really loved the Grape Carbonara. I was so amazed that for the first time in her life she finished a small plate of pasta thanks to Goodles -- and she ate the grapes too. She never eats fruit no matter how hard I try to make her.

Moroccan Beef at Goodles Robinsons GalleriaAnother pasta variant that left a lasting impression on me was the Moroccan Beef (P145, pictured above). It's very flavorful, I could smell and taste a variety of spices in the sauce, including curry. It is topped with cream, cheese sauce, and chopped chives.

Goodles pasta are incredibly al dente too. I can't get over how perfectly cooked they are. Yum! I want to go back already. :)

4th Level, Robinsons Galleria
Ortigas Ave. cor Edsa, Quezon City

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