Coffee and liquor at Metro by Tokyo Tokyo

What do you get when you combine the quaint and casual charm of a café and the full menu selection of an izakaya? Metro by Tokyo Tokyo!

An izakaya is a type of drinking place usually found on the sidestreets of Japan. Izakaya are known for their wide variety of liquor like sake, beers, and the like served with matching food offerings (think pulutan) which usually consist of yakitori (skewered chicken), sashimi (raw seafood), and oden (Japanese winter soup) among others.

The interiors and Spicy Salmon Gunkan at Tokyo Tokyo MetroWe were invited to experience this fresh urban dining concept last Dec. 1, 2009 at the Glorietta 5 branch of Tokyo Tokyo Metro. I immediately took a liking to the brightly lit and clean modern interiors. Without much ado, we were started off with a serving of Spicy Salmon Gunkan (P195, pictured above right).

The Colossal Metro Burger and Wacky Maki at Tokyo Tokyo Metro
Surprisingly, a humongous burger was laid out in front of us. I even commented that it did not seem very Japanese, but this was one of the three "Headliners", or signature dishes, of Metro by Tokyo Tokyo. The Colossal Metro Burger (P375, pictured above left), which consists of a thick and juicy beef patty, a slice of cheese, a fried egg, chopped mushrooms, and assorted vegetables is sure to challenge one's appetite. It is served with your choice of either nori (seaweed) or wasabi (horseradish) seasoned potato wedges on the side. An interesting-looking sushi called Wacky Maki (P140, pictured above right) also popped up on our table. Tempura shrimp and cream cheese were rolled with nori and vinegared rice and then coated with colored rice puffs.

Metro Meltique Steak at Tokyo Tokyo MetroAnother Headliner is the Metro Meltique Steak (P450, pictured above), which features Australia's Meltique beef. It was very tender, succulent, and flavorful. I can actually say that it's one of the better steaks I've had. Like the burger, it is also served with your choice of seasoned potato wedges. Again though, it's not very Japanese.

Melt-in-your-mouth Braised Pork at Tokyo Tokyo MetroMelt-in-your-mouth Braised Pork (P195, pictured above) is the last of the three Headliners at Metro by Tokyo Tokyo. A bento of rice topped with pork which quite literally does melt in your mouth. It's reminiscent of the Chinese dish Hong Ma, which is stewed and slow-cooked pork. They're not exaggerating with the dish's name, it really lives up to it. This is definitely my favorite Headliner.

Kushiyaki Platter at Tokyo Tokyo MetroFor the izakaya side of Metro by Tokyo Tokyo, yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) and kushiyaki (skewered grilled non-poultry meats) are served alongside alcoholic drinks like sake (rice wine), an assortment of beers, and vodka. The Kushiyaki Platter (pictured above), contains skewers of Aspara Bacon, Chicken Wings, Beef with Shitake Mushrooms, and Butabara (pork belly) among others. Think Japanese pulutan.

Banana Toffee and Cappuccino at Tokyo Tokyo MetroTo cap off a filling meal, a slice of Banana Toffee (P110, pictured above left) along with a piping hot cup of Cappuccino (P75, pictured above right) is highly recommended. Coffee is served with Metro by Tokyo Tokyo's trademark swirl and two sticks of chocolate-flavored Pocky (a popular Japanese snack) which you can also use for stirring.

Metro by Tokyo Tokyo
Ground Level, Glorietta 5
Ayala Center, Makati City

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