Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries

Johnson and Johnson converted The Conservatory at Manila Peninsula into a big cozy nursery last Nov. 21, 2009 in an event entitled "Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries".

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries at the Manila PeninsulaJohnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries at the Manila PeninsulaHosted by celebrity mom Tintin Bersola-Babao, the event aimed to educate moms and moms-to-be's on the importance of a sound sleep in a child's overall health and well-being. Dr. Luis Rivera, a Fellow of the Philippine Society for Sleep Medicine and pediatric consultant at the Makati Medical Center, reiterated the impact of sleep on a child's growth and development. He shared with us the results of a sleep study conducted by Johnson and Johnson's.

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries at the Manila PeninsulaBasically, there are three steps that Johnson's recommends for ensuring a more sound and restful sleep for your baby. These three steps were demonstrated by midwives J&J brought to the event along with some volunteer mommy bloggers.

  1. Step 1: A warm bath or punas
  2. Step 2: A soothing massage
  3. Step 3: Some quiet time
We were given a rundown on how to properly give an infant a sponge bath and a soothing massage. Funny how they likened the massage to milking a cow, the problem is, I've never even been near a cow much less try milking one. Anyhow, based on my experience as a mom I think determining the amount of pressure you apply during a baby massage is instinctive. Quiet time would consist of storytelling, singing or humming lullabyes, putting some powder on baby (well that is Johnson's suggested quiet time activity as you can see in the photo above), etc.

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Product Line
The sleep study shows that adapting this simple bedtime routine with Johnson's Baby Bedtime products helps babies sleep more soundly for longer periods of time. Shown above are the Johnson's bedtime bath, bedtime lotion, and bedtime powder. I know for a fact that there is also a bedtime soap and bedtime oil but they were not highlighted in the event.

Personally I like the Johnson's Baby Bedtime line because they smell so good. They're formulated with lavender and chamomile so the result is a delicate, fresh, and soothing scent. My kids actually use the Bedtime Bath as shampoo and they end up with soft, nice-smelling hair afterwards. I usually bring Johnson's Bedtime Bath when we travel because it's an all-in-one product. I don't have to pack separate soaps and shampoos for the kids.

To find out more about Johnson's Baby Bedtime products, log on to You can also create your child's sleep profile there and pick up invaluable information and tips that can help you improve his sleeping habits.

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