Quick and affordable meals at Yamazaki Japanese Grocery!

Authentic Japanese teishoku meals for below P200! Plus you get that fresh feeling of fullness after eating natural unprocessed food. Welcome to Yamazaki Japanese Grocery / Hoka Hoka Ramen and Bento -- I don't know which name to call it since all those names are plastered across its white signboard. Their calling card simply says Yamazaki though, so for the purposes of this blog post Yamazaki it is.

Hamburg Steak Teishoku at Yamazaki / Hoka Hoka Ramen and BentoSee that complete meal pictured above? That's the Hamburg Steak Teishoku (P185). For less than P200 you get a generous helping of authentic Japanese rice, miso soup, a thick and juicy all-beef burger patty topped with a fried egg plus salad and spaghetti on the side, pickled vegetables, and meat appetizers. You don't even have to order a drink since hot or cold Mugicha (Roasted Barley Tea) is served for free.

Gyuyakiniku Teishoku at Yamazaki / Hoka Hoka Ramen and BentoPictured above is the Gyuyakiniku Teishoku (P175) which was what I had. It was okay, my main complaint being the beef wasn't as tender as I would've liked and it had a lot of cartilage or litid which made some parts of it tough to chew. Another favorite of mine is the Shake Shioyaki Teishoku (P185, not pictured here) which consists of grilled salmon, steamed rice, pickled vegetables, and miso soup. It's just like the traditional Japanese breakfast I miss so much.

Onigiri at Yamazaki / Hoka Hoka Ramen and BentoAside from full meals, they also have a variety of ala carte Japanese dishes that make for great snacks. I like their Onigiri (P135, pictured above), rice balls covered in sea weed and filled with salmon chunks or pickles and served with a small piece of fried chicken. There's also Gyoza (meat dumplings), Korokke (potato croquettes), Sushi, and Tempura among others.

Take-out menu at Yamazaki / Hoka Hoka Ramen and BentoYamazaki also has a special take-out menu, which is partially pictured above. If you thought prices were reasonable, ordering to go brings them down a notch lower. The Onigiri I ordered for dine in cost P135, whereas it only costs P115 for take-out and they pack it in a styrofoam container. The same goes for all the other set meals -- all prices are lower if you order them to go.

The fact that Yamazaki's patrons are all Japanese all the time is a good indication of the authenticity of the dishes they serve. Almost half of the restaurant's area is a grocery selling various Japanese goods ranging from pastries to instant noodles to chocolate bars to pancake mix. There's a pretty wide selection food and drinks for Japan-o-philes like me.

Yamazaki Japanese Grocery / Hoka Hoka Ramen and Bento
2277 Fernando St. cor. Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Yamazaki is located right across Plaza Fair in Makati Cinema Square.

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