One of my worst meals ever at Steak MD

*This establishment is now CLOSED.*

As much as possible, I prefer sharing positive food and dining experiences. In this case, I felt so cheated that I can't help but blog about my horrid meal at Steak MD. I'd like to help keep other people from throwing away their hard-earned cash like I did earlier this afternoon.

My hubby and I needed a quick lunch so we decided to stop by good old Steak MD. I just blogged about them a couple of months ago, pleased with their Pack-Up Meals which we also had for lunch back then.

Price rollback steak at Steak MDSitting down, we noticed this standee propped up on the table. It said "Steak MD Price Roll Back". Basically, you pay P150 for a T-bone or a Porterhouse steak which comes with a choice of mashed potatoes or rice. We asked the server what the difference was between this steak and what they regularly serve. She told us this was just slightly smaller but it was the same steak. Okay, so we decided to order two. Hubby also ordered sisig and two sodas since they serve only tap water and use tap water for their iced tea.

We were served complimentary bowls of clear soup to tide us over until our order came. When the steaks were finally served, I thought that the size was quite close to Steak MD's regular serving. I wondered how they could offer it for P150 when the regular cut cost around P220.

Normally, I can slice Steak MD's steaks without using a knife because they're tender. For the Price Roll Back steak (I'll refer to it as PRB steak for short), I had to saw off pieces with a steak knife which was really quite strange since the steak was so thin. It was so rubbery you couldn't possibly eat it with just a fork and spoon. When I finally ate a piece, there was an unpleasant after-smell akin to a cross between low grade meat and a dishrag. There wasn't even a hint of their famous "rub" which made their steaks so flavorful. I tried to eat as much as I could since I already ordered it but I really could not stomach the pale, rubbery meat and the gross odor. Double-dead meat perhaps? Maybe -- although it's illegal to sell double-dead meat, you can actually buy double-dead meat from the market at a lower price compared to fresh quality meat. I thought it was just me but my hubby also could not finish his order. I took what... 3 bites of the steak and consumed not even a fourth of the rice? It is NOT the same steak they normally serve.

The sisig didn't fare much better. When the dish came, I was shocked at the large chunks of liver and assorted pig parts which greeted me. I'm appalled that they didn't even bother to chop the sisig components finely as to even resemble a normal order of sisig. We've had sisig here before and it wasn't like this.

We decided to get the bill and just walk out rather than torture ourselves by trying to eat what we ordered. Total bill for two P150 steak meals, an order of sisig, and two sodas? P505. Another shocker. I felt swindled. I reluctantly whipped out the exact amount from my wallet and swore that I would never ever set foot in this restaurant again. No wonder all their other branches closed already.

Steak MD
Creekside Square,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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