Pack-up Meals at Steak MD

*This establishment is now CLOSED.*

My first time at Steak MD was a few years ago when they first opened in Tomas Morato. Back then, my hubby and I marvelled at how the small, open-air eatery could serve such mouth-watering steaks at a little over P100 per order. We would have many many more of their delicious yet affordable steaks thereafter -- I think I've tried just about every "rub" on their menu. Rub is the term they use for the marinade or flavor of their steaks.

Pack-Up Meal #6 at Steak MDWe had a quick lunch at Steak MD sometime last week. The place is now enclosed and air-conditioned, and the steak prices have increased some. Steak MD also offers what they call "Pack-up Meals". I decided to order Pack-up Meal #6 (P300, pictured above right), which consisted of a regular cut Porterhouse Steak, your choice of rice (plain or special), buttered vegetables, and a glass of iced tea. Note that whatever you order from Steak MD, you can always request for a FREE bowl of plain soup.

Heart Rub Porterhouse Steak at Steak MDI always have the Heart Rub variant of their steak, which is garlic-based since I can't get enough of garlic. I love that their steaks always have the right doneness. They're always tender and tasty.

Buttered vegetabls at Steak MDThe buttered vegetables served on the side consisted of peas, corn kernels, and diced carrots slathered with lots of Star Margarine. Nothing great, in fact the taste and scent of Star Margarine was so overwhelming and I almost couldn't get a sense of the vegetables.

Steak MD Special Rice and Sizzling SisigGiven a choice of rice for my Pack-up Meal, I of course opted for Steak MD's Special Rice (pictured above, left). It's basically seasoned rice with lots of crunchy garlic bits on top. Hubby and I also ordered Steak MD's Sizzling Sisig (P115, pictured above right) to share along with our Pack-up Meals.

I didn't really like Steak MD's Sizzling Sisig. It was too... wet for my tastes. I prefer dry, toasted, and crunchy sisig like the one Dencio's serves.

Steak MD's Pack-up Meal prices range from P165 to P300. For P165, you get two pieces of Pork BBQ, rice, buttered vegetables, and a glass of iced tea. Aside from Porterhouse steak and Pork BBQ, other Pack-Up Meal main dish options include Sizzling Sisig, Chicken BBQ, Inihaw na Liempo, and T-Bone steak.

Steak MD
Creekside Square,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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